Was the NFL’s Twitter Account Hacked?

NFL, Twitter

The NFL’s Twitter account was mysteriously hacked today. (Twitter/AdamSchefter)

@NFL, NFL’s Twitter account, posted a surprising Tweet earlier today about Roger Goodell passing away. The tweet quickly amassed a number of RTs and favs before being taken down suddenly.

Adam Schefter reported on Twitter that, in fact, the NFL Twitter account was being hacked by an unknown person. The hacker continued to post tweets that got less serious in tone, including use of the word “Oi.” These tweets have also since been taken down, but Schefter posted a screenshot.

Schefter also said that, in addition to the NFL twitter account getting hacked, Roger Goodell was in fact very much alive. This was corroborated by other NFL reporters on Twitter as well. The NFL hacker tweeted, possibly in response, “OK, OK, you amateur detectives win. Good job”. The NFL’s PR man also quickly stepped in to confirm.

Many on Twitter, once the hack was revealed, took to very quickly mocking the situation.

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