Tiffany Thompson Photos: Pictures of Ezekiel Elliott’s Ex-Girlfriend

Reports from Dallas suggest that the new Cowboys star was planning to break-up with his girlfriend and that's when she called police to report domestic abuse. The ex-girlfriend of Ezekiel Elliott posted a string of photos to Instagram appearing to accuse him of domestic abuse in July 2016. Despite initially being suspended without pay for the first six games of the 2017 NFL season, a later appeal saw Elliot granted an injunction. The Dallas Morning News reported on September 8 that after Elliot had launched a lawsuit against the ban. The newspaper said that a judge ruled that Elliot should be allowed to play while the lawsuit is pending as the suit needs to determine if the Cowboys star got a fair hearing. Elliot had already been cleared to play in the Cowboys opener against the New York Giants on September 10.

Elliot Says That Thompson Has Sex With Lucky Whitehead

A few days before the Elliot decision came down, he told a hearing that Thompson and Elliot's teammate Lucky Whitehead had sex. CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reports that the alleged relations occurred on the eve of the Cowboys game with the Cleveland Browns. Quoting from a document, the station says, "After we had a big win (at the) Steelers (on November 13) and I had a very good game... while I'm boarding the plane from Pittsburgh to Dallas, I received, like, 14 texts from an unknown number.... screenshots of text messages between Tiffany and one of my current teammates... And there was a picture of the hotel reservation which had her name and also his name on it. Basically, her telling me that she slept with one of my teammates the previous week while we were in Cleveland.

Thompson Says Elliot 'Mentally & Physically' Abused Her

Tiffany Thompson, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, uploaded the pictures on the morning of July 22, 2016, a short time later she set her page to the private setting. The incident occurred late on the night of July 20. Under the first image, Thompson wrote: "Just for every woman out there getting abused it's time to put a stop to it. This has been happening to me for months and it finally got out of control to where I was picked up and thrown across the room by my arms.Thrown into walls. Being choked to where I have to gasp for breath. Bruised everywhere, mentally and physically abused. It's not okay. So I want each and every one of you girls to step away now from domestic violence. You're worth so much more. I got told it was called "tough love" I'm sorry if you love someone you don't touch your loved ones."In a subsequent comment, Thompson wrote "#Stopdomesticviolence."

Thompson Joked With a Friend About Getting $20K for a Sex Tape of Her & Elliot

In obtaining the NFL report, Yahoo's Charles Robinson reports that Thompson and friends discussed selling a sex tape via text message showing Elliot with Thompson. That conversation took place in September 2016, two months after the original incident.

The conversation allegedly went:

Thompson: What if I sold mine and Ezekiel's sex videos?

Friend: We'd all be millionaires.

Friend: We could black mail him w that.

Thompson: I want to bro.

Let's do it.

Thompson: Scared.

Friend: S***.

Friend: Id be like look give me 10k or I'll just sell our sex videos for the same amount flat.

Friend: Me and my friends tryna go on vacation and get boob jobs.

10k Bitch I want 20k.

Thompson: Go big or go home.

Friend: That's fine too.

The NFL Has Been Steadfast in Their Support of Thompson

On the same day that the reports of a sex tape emerged, the NFL released a statement criticizing those who had spread "derogatory information to the media about the victim in Ezekiel Elliot discipline case." That release continues:

"It's a common tactic to attempt to prove the innocence of the accused by discrediting the victim - in this case Ms. Thompson - when come forward to report such abuse.

Common or not, these tactics are shameful. Efforts to shame and blame victims are often what prevent people from coming forward to report violence and/or seek help in the first place."

Here are the photos of Tiffany Thompson that you need to see: