Finn Balor Injury Update: When Will He Return?

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Finn Balor is currently away from the WWE due to injuries sustained at SummerSlam. (

WWE superstar Finn Balor recently underwent surgery following his SummerSlam injury, and we have now received an unfortunate update regarding his status.

As it turns out, Balor’s surgery was more complicated than originally thought. It was meant to be one hour but ended up taking four hours. And in a video posted to the WWE’s YouTube channel, Balor says that any hopes of returning in four months have been crushed, and he will likely be gone for at least six months.

“Never in my life has six months felt like such a long time,” Balor said. “I don’t really know how I’m gonna cope with being out of the ring for that long.”

The full extent of the injuries have also now been revealed; Balor experienced a 180 degree labrum tear. When his shoulder was dislocated, he tore off about half of a tendon in his arm. This injury took place during Balor’s match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, specifically when Rollins threw Balor into the barricade.

On Twitter, Balor has been recounting his heartbreaking experience, saying that it has made him feel inadequate.

If Balor is out for six months, he would be able to make his return in February 2017, with plenty of time to spare before WrestleMania 33 in April. But the WWE has had a history with surprising fans by having superstars come back long before they were expected to return, as was the case with Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules earlier this year. It’s possible, then, that Balor could make his way back to the ring before February.

Finn Balor became the first WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam, only to be forced to relinquish that title the following night on Raw due to his injury. On August 29th’s show, four superstars will battle it out to claim the championship for themselves: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Big Cass and Kevin Owens. Before Balor’s injury, the original plan was to have him feud with Kevin Owens, leading many to speculate that Owens will be the winner of the Universal Championship on Raw.