Bianca Rivas Photos: Pictures of Jeurys Familia’s Wife

A New York Mets star and frontman for an anti-domestic violence campaign has been accused of domestic violence. Mets All-Star closer Jeurys Familia is facing a simple assault charge in New Jersey. Familia is married with one child. His wife is his long-term partner Bianca Rivas, the family lives in an apartment in the town of Fort Lee, close to New York City. On October 31, Familia was charged with simple assault after an "incident of domestic violence" occurred at his home. He's accused causing "bodily injury to another." The victim's name is redacted in court papers.

In a brief statement, the New York Mets said that they are "monitoring" the situation with Familia. The documents in the case refer to Familia as "Jeury F. Mojica." He's charged with a disorderly offense of simple assault. The complaint says the incident occurred in an apartment in Fort Lee, New Jersey, on October 31 at 2:22 a.m. reports that Fort Lee Police Chief Keith Bendul refused to identify those involved in the incident. Officers believed that "domestic violence had occurred." Familia posted bail, which was set at $1,500 and was released. He agreed to not have any contact with the victim as a condition.

Here are the photos of Bianca Rivas that you need to see:

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