WWE Roadblock: End of the Line: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

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The 1st ever Roadblock event took place earlier in 2016 and it featured every current wrestler in the WWE.

Now that we’re at the close of 2016, the Raw brand has adopted this special event and attached the intimidating tagline “End of the Line” next to it. This installment of Roadblock will feature a major main event between the current Universal and United States Champion. Kevin Owens will contend with Roman Reigns for Owens’ top prize. Owens’ former buddy Chris Jericho will engage in a heated grudge match with Seth Rollins, plus Sasha Banks and Charlotte will rekindle their feud for the Raw Women’s Championship. And this time, it’ll take place under 30-minute Iron Man (Woman?) rules.

Here’s all the results and highlights you need to know that took place at Roadblock: End of the Line.

Big Cass (with Enzo Amore) vs. Rusev (with Lana)

WWE Roadblock End of the Line

Winner: Rusev via count out…

Highlights: Lana performed her usual intro for the “True American Hero” Rusev. And of course, Enzo Amore blurted out his always entertaining catchphrases and shit talk. Big Cass even threw in a few Christmas themed insults. Once the match finally began, Rusev and Cass started roughing each other up super early. Rusev caught an early big boot to the face, which forced him outside of the ring. Back inside the ring, Cass continued beating the hell out of his foe. Rusev used a boot of his own to finally weaken Cass, but his Superkick attempt failed. Cass countered it, slammed him to the mat and laid in his Empire Elbow. Cass looked to follow that big move up, but Rusev escaped the ring and began running through the audience. Cass followed him outside, but Rusev threw a few strikes at him that distracted him. Lana and Rusev then combined their efforts to drop Enzo, which led to Cass checking on him. He was unable to re-enter the ring before the ref’s count, but Rusev entered the ring just in time to get the win.

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

WWE Roadblock End of the Line

Winners: The new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus!

Highlights: The New Day (while donning their new gear full of holiday cheer) celebrated their longest reigning tag team championship reign and berated their opponents. Kofi and Cesaro started things off quickly when Cesaro stunned Kofi with a running dropkick and elbow strikes. Kofi tried several times to get in some shots of his own, but Cesaro’s quickness caught him off guard every time. Sheamus laid in a quick strike to Kofi while standing on the ring apron, which led to him tagging in. Afterwards, Sheamus and Cesaro tagged in and out while laying in unique duo maneuvers on the smaller Kofi. Sheamus kept Kofi locked into a submission hold for a while, but Kofi managed to escape. He was unable to tag in Big E though since Sheamus knocked him off the ring apron.

Cesaro re-entered the match and catapulted Kofi into the air that ended with him catching another elbow strike. Later on, Cesaro rammed his shoulder straight into the corner post after Kofi dodged him. Sheamus looked to damage Kofi, but Kofi countered his strikes. Kofi finally got the hot tag to Big E, who proceeded to go crazy with comeback offense on Sheamus. Big E’s spirited offense got stopped for a little bit, but he came right back with more after he dropped Sheamus with a running Powerbomb. Sheamus eventually got to tag in Cesaro, who helped him lay in one of his signature moves. This big moment got followed up by a Big Swing attempt that failed, which then led to The New Day all working together to put down Cesaro. Cesaro almost eat the final pin via a Big Ending. Chaos ensued as Sheamus laid in a Brogue Kick on Big E on the outside and Cesaro locked Kofi in a Sharpshooter. Xavier Woods saved Kofi after distracting the ref, but Cesaro tortured Kofi even more by planting him with his Neutralizer.

Sheamus got tagged in, which lead Cesaro hopping right onto Big E on the outside. Sheamus booted Woods in the face, who ran in to save Kofi from getting destroyed. A bunch more near-fall’s ensued, but the finish finally came when Cesaro sacrificed himself by catching a Trouble in Paradise. Sheamus ran in just in time to quickly roll up Kofi for the shocking win. After the match, Cesaro hugged it out with the former champs while Sheamus held both titles in the air. Cesaro then ran into the crowd to celebrate with his personal section of fans.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman (Sami Zayn Must Last 10 Minutes)

WWE Roadblock End of the Line

Winner: Zayn Survived!

Highlights: The timer started up and Zayn’s biggest test began. He used his quickness to dodge Strowman repeatedly on several occasions and lay in some quick moves. When Strowman finally got ahold of Zayn, he threw him clear across the ring and splashed him right in the corner. Outside the ring, Strowman clubbed Zayn and then proceeded to force him back into the ring for more punishment. Zayn managed to make Strowman trip over the top rope to the outside. He looked to follow that up by hopping right onto his larger foe on the outside, but Strowman caught him and laid him face first onto the ring apron. Strowman returned Zayn to the inside of the ring and continued his barrage of offense. The ref stepped in to check on Zayn, but Zayn looked like he was willing to continue (while still holding on for dear life).

Strowman pinned Zayn various times, but he broke up his own pin just to continue punishing Zayn. Zayn struggled to get to his feet, but Strowman was there to clothesline him and do even more to put him back down. Suddenly, Mick Foley entered the arena with a white towel. He looked like he was ready to throw it in on Zayn’s behalf, but he decided not to. Strowman threw Zayn outside right in front of Foley’s feet, then he met Foley outside to trash talk him. Zayn forced himself to his feet and pleaded with Foley to not throw the towel in. Zayn took the towel for him and threw it into the crowd. Strowman looked to slam Zayn into the post with a running splash, but Zayn dodged hi mat the last minute.

Zayn’s chances of survival rose even more when Strowman ran right into the timekeeper’s section and smashed through the barrier. Strowman ran himself into another corner post inside the ring and then got surprised by a top rope body splash by Zayn. Zayn pulled off one final move on Strowman with a Helluva Kick. The bell ran to signify the time limit’s end, which signified that Zayn had simply survived.

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