49ers Won’t Raise Ticket Prices for Two Seasons

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Levi’s Stadium. (Getty)

The San Francisco 49ers are currently without a head coach and without a general manager, but CEO Jed York remains in place and has made an interesting move as a concession to fans in response to the less-than-desirable results on the field.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that his sources say that the franchise has put in place a two-season moratorium on ticket prices raises.

San Francisco already has one of the lowest median ticket prices (the price at which exactly half of the tickets are more expensive and half of the tickets are less expensive) in the NFL.

Despite the poor results in terms of wins and losses, attendance has remained consistent for the 49ers. San Francisco ranked 13th in average attendance this past regular season, and although the team is about to hire its fourth head coach in as many seasons, average attendance has actually increased since the beginning of that period.

As the team continues to try to find the perfect combination for producing wins on the field, the franchise has at least guaranteed fans that it won’t cost another penny to come see the product, regardless of the quality.

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