Tostitos Breathalyzer Bag Will Call an Uber for You

Just in time for Super Bowl 51, a new campaign has been initiated by ride-sharing service Uber, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and snack chip giant Tostitos to curb the frequency of drunk driving.

Fast Company has reported that limited edition bags of Tostitos, which will be available for Super Bowl Sunday (February 5) feature a sensor which is connected to a microcontroller. The apparatus works as a breathalyzer for alcohol. If it detects alcohol, the bag’s insignia turns red and the text “Don’t Drink and Drive” is displayed. The bag’s label, which is blue upon activation, turns green if alcohol is not detected. On Super Bowl Sunday, an Uber code will be displayed as well.

Near-field-communication technology within the microcontroller also allows the bag’s user to call for a free ride simply by tapping the sensor with her/his phone.

Because of cooperation by MADD and Uber, fans who don’t have one of the “Party Safe” bags can get a discount on an Uber ride on Super Bowl Sunday as well. On Super Bowl Sunday, anyone can enter the UPC from any Tostitos bag into the Uber app and get a $10 coupon.