WATCH: Gisele Bundchen Celebrates Tom Brady’s Fifth Super Bowl Win

Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, celebrated the Patriots’ improbable Super Bowl LI victory the same way everyone in New England did. She screamed and shook her hair, all while making sure she filmed herself.

After the celebrating though, Bundchen dropped her phone.

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Here’s another view of Bundchen celebrating:

Bundchen’s husband became the first quarterback to ever win five Super Bowls after engineering an incredible comeback. The Patriots were down 21-0 at one point, but came all the way back to tie it at 28. The Patriots scored a touchdown in the first drive of the first ever overtime period in a Super Bowl.

Her phone fumble was likely why Bundchen hasn’t posted anything about the win on social meida. Her most recent Twitter post came just before overtime.

One person on Twitter said Bundchen was “hella amped” after that win.

Bundchen hasn’t shared the video of herself she took in the second after running back James White scored that touchdown, but she did show that almost every member of the Brady family was at Super Bowl LI.

Brady and Bundchen, the highest-paid model in the world, have been married since 2009. They have two children together.

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