WWE Fastlane 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

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There’s one final stop on the Road to WrestleMania 33 – WWE Raw’s 2017 rendition of Fastlane.

The current WWE Universal Champion certainly has his work cut out for him. Kevin Owens will have to pull everything out of his arsenal because he’s dealing with Brock Lesnar’s nemesis – Goldberg! Bayley is prepped for her first Raw Women’s Championship defense against the former champ, Charlotte. Neville will do battle with Jack Gallagher in a Cruiserweight Championship encounter. Plus, Roman Reigns will take on the mammoth Braun Strowman in an intense grudge match. These bouts and more will wrap up feuds and lead into other ones for the entire Raw roster.

So without further ado, it’s time to check out all the match results and event highlights from WWE Fastlane 2017.

Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox)

Fastlane 2017

Winners: Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa!

Highlights: Tozawa looked to get revenge on Kendrick first, but Dar stepped in to deal with Tozawa after a quick tag. Tozawa laid in some nasty strikes and screamed like a madman after getting some of Dar. Dar quickly tagged in Kendrick and tried to double team on Tozawa, but Swann saved his partner before that could occur. Alicia Fox then stopped her team from getting caught with dual planchas from their opponents.

When the match got back into the ring, Kendrick ended up getting the advantage over his international rival. Kendrick did good for a while before he caught caught with a Headscissors takedown. Swann got the hot tag and pulled out all the stops on Dar. Swann managed to fend off both Dar and Kendrick for several moments, but Dar eventually stopped his comeback. Dar drove him face first into the corner ring post and then got him back into the ring for even more punishment. Kendrick then returned into the ring to further incapacitate Swann. After getting beat down for a good while, Swann laid out Dar with a roundhouse kick and tagged in Tozawa.

Tozawa ran in like a house of fire and immediately began working on Kendrick with his comeback offense. Tozawa helped get Dar out of the ring, then him and Swann went through and over the rope for dual dives on their opposition. All four men then entered the ring and laid out their respective foe with a well placed signature strike. Dar almost caught Swann with a quick pin, but Swann cracked him with his signature kick. Kendrick ate one, then got slammed down hard with a Snap German Suplex from Tozawa. Swann then got the 1-2-3 for his team by finishing Dar with a beautiful Phoenix Splash.

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

Fastlane 2017

Winner: Samoa Joe!

Highlights: Joe wasted no time in throwing out a few strikes, but Zayn dodged them right off the bat. Afterwards, Joe laid in a swift kick right to Zayn’s leg. Zayn looked to use a headlock and running shoulder block to take Joe down, but it was to no avail. Joe used another kick (this time aimed at the chest) and a leglock to get the better of his smaller opponent. Zayn managed to escape Joe’s submission hold and use his quickness to do a little bit of damage to his larger foe. Joe shook off the damage done to him pretty easily, laid in a stiff shot to Zayn and then laid him down with his corner running reverse elbow/jumping Enzuguri combination.

Joe took control soon after by using an extra painful Bow & Arrow hold that targeted Zayn’s neck and back. Zayn escaped it and looked for a pin, but Joe shoved him off. Zayn fought back with a few well-placed elbow shots, but Joe ignored them and use a leg sweep on the legs of Zayn soon after. Joe remained in control for much longer until Zayn put him down a clothesline and Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn went the top rope, but he jumped right over Joe and right into another devastating combination that almost ended the match. Joe used a his quick Powerslam to do even more damage soon after. Joe used some nasty jabs on Zayn that caused Zayn to appear as if he was down, but Zayn almost got the win with a School Boy pin.

After Joe kicked out, Zayn headed back to the top rope but was met with another Enzuguri. Joe tried to land a Superplex, but Zayn countered the bigger man with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb attempt. It failed and led right into the Coquina Clutch ending that led to Joe’s win.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Fastlane 2017

Winner: Sasha Banks!

Highlights: Banks ran straight at Jax and almost got lifted high into the rafters. Banks made sure to use a few strikes to weaken Jax, but Jax overpowered her with a sledgehammer strike and a backbreaker. Jax then began focusing her offense on Banks’ back while the crowd cheered her on. Banks broke out of the hold and looked to get something going, but Jax put her right back down into the mat with a clothesline. Jax then went right back to working over Banks’ weakened back region. Jax then launched Banks across the ring and continued to lay into her even more.

Banks looked to make a comeback later on, but Jax swatted her away and then began to rag doll her around with a Torture Rack submission. However, Jax spun Banks right around into a Guillotine Choke from Banks. Banks then got spun around again, but this time she locked in a sleeper hold. Banks started firing back with more strikes, then she dropped Jax with a Tornado DDT. Then out of nowhere, Banks locked in the Banks Statement and almost forced Jax to tap out. Jax finally broke the hold, laid out Banks with a Spinebuster and then leg dropped Banks across her back. Jax picked Banks up once more for another big move, but Banks surprised Jax with a roll-up pin out of nowhere!


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Jinder Mahal vs. Cesaro (with Sheamus)

Winner: Cesaro!

Highlights: Rusev and Mahal both entered the ring before the match officially began. They brawled for a while until Mahal put his former partner down with a Jumping Knee Strike that pushed Rusev over into the timekeeper’s section. After Cesaro and Sheamus performed their usual entrance routine, Cesaro locked up with Mahal. Cesaro got the better of their lockup, but soon Mahal began using dirtier tactics to ground Cesaro. Mahal’s strikes worked for a while until Cesaro put him down with an Elbow Strike, Double Foot Stomp to the gut and a Side Suplex. After some back and forth action, Cesaro caught Mahal in midair for an impressive Backbreaker. Cesaro then looked for a Deadlift Suplex from the outside to the inside, but his now injured back stopped him from doing so.

Mahal then got the better of Cesaro by tripping him up in the ropes and dropkicking him in the back. Mahal then got the advantage over Cesaro he was looking for. Cesaro’s injured back did him no favors over the course of the match while Mahal was in control. Cesaro finally got Mahal up for a nice suplex, then got the better of him with a series of stiff Uppercuts. Then Cesaro landed a Swiss-One-Nine on Mahal, which was followed up by a Crossbody Splash from the top rope. Cesaro signaled for the Big Swing, but Mahal escaped it and knocked Cesaro down with a a few strikes. Mahal then turned his attention to Rusev on the outside. But it led to his downfall once Mahal turned right around into catching an Uppercut after being launched into the air. After the final bell rang, Rusev punished Mahal with some revenge offense.

Rusev vs. Big Show

Winner: Big Show!

Highlights: After Rusev helped Mahal exit the ring, he was shocked to hear Show’s music hit. Show entered the ring, quickly kicked Rusev in the face and then began assaulting his Russian foe. Show simply mauled Rusev for a long period as Lana screamed for her husband outside the ring. Rusev finally started making a comeback after he punched Show in the gut and repeatedly hit him with shoulder shoving strikes. Show clotheslined Rusev to the mat on his final shoulder shove attempt, though. Rusev got back to his feet and finally got control of the bigger man after chopping away at Show’s legs.

Rusev then applied as much pressure as possible to Show’s now hurt legs. Show was kept down to the mat for a good while until he used his leg to smash into Rusev’s face. Show then used a Side Slam on Rusev that started another comeback for him. Rusev shook of the damage sustained by that big slam, clipped Show’s leg again and used three Superkicks to further weaken Show. Afterwards, Rusev fought hard to lock in The Accolade, but it failed as Show shoved him to the outside. Show then fed Rusev three devastating Chokeslams and a KO Punch for the win.

Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

WWE Fastlane 2017

Winner: And still the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Bayley!

Highlights: Both ladies engaged in a feeling out process where either lady got the advantage over the other. Charlotte upstaged Bayley, while Bayley used some strikes and pin attempts of her own to embarrass Charlotte. Charlotte eventually got knocked to the outside, got taken to the floor with a Hurricanrana and then a flying body splash from Bayley. Charlotte woke back up, but then she was forced to fight for her life to escape a Bayley to Belly Suplex. Charlotte soon got the better of the champ and began working Bayley over with a chinlock. Bayley fought out of it, but Charlotte quickly jumped on her with even more offense. Charlotte used a several chops on the champ while taunting her, but this did nothing but piss Bayley off. Bayley struck back at Charlotte with more chops, but Charlotte shook them off and took down Bayley once again.

Charlotte soon locked in a submission that targeted the champ’s midsection. Bayley was then forced back down to the mat after a leg drop right onto her stomach. Charlotte then got up to the top rope, land on Bayley with a Moonsault and then follow it up with a Running Senton. This series of big moves STILL didn’t finish Bayley, though. Charlotte then continued beating down on Bayley for a extended period of time. But after Charlotte shoved Bayley into the corner one too many times, Bayley countered back with a quick Clothesline. Then Bayley launched right into her best comeback maneuvers. Bayley kept laying into Charlotte with repeated elbow drops. Afterwards, both women found themselves fighting for the upper hand on the top rope. Bayley took Charlotte down with a Frankensteiner, then came off the top rope once more with a Flying Elbow Drop.

Bayley ended up getting caught on the ring apron and catching a nasty Big Boot from Charlotte. Charlotte almost grabbed the win after landing her Natural Selection, but Bayley survived it! The action spilled out to the outside and saw Charlotte fling the champ onto her back from the ring apron. Charlotte looked to land a big Moonsault off the top rope to the outside, but Sasha Banks ended up distracting Charlotte by brawling with her on the outside. Bayley soon fed Charlotte her finishing suplex outside and inside the ring for the controversial victory.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

WWE Fastlane 2017

Winners: And still the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson!

Highlights: Amore and Cass did their usual mic routine, served their opponents with some verbal slander and got some cheap pops from the hometown crowd. Once both teams got started, Cass cracked Karl with a several punches to the gut. Enzo and Cass then used their usual double team maneuver to injure Anderson in their corner, then Cass catapulted Enzo right onto Gallows outside the ring. Back inside the ring, Enzo ended up on the receiving end of two nasty kicks from Anderson. Soon enough, Anderson and Gallows isolated Enzo with their dual destruction. Anderson kept Enzo locked in a particularly tight chinlock, but Enzo escaped and knocked Anderson down with an Enzuguri on the outside. Enzo then shoved Gallows into the corner ring post and looked to tag out. Anderson cut his attempt off with another flying kick, though.

Gallows and Anderson regained control of Enzo for a good while longer. After several missed moves from Gallows and Anderson, Enzo finally made the hot tag to a fresh Big Cass. Cass then proceeded to take out his frustrations on Anderson with his usual comeback offense. He fed a big boot to Gallows and also one to Anderson. Enzo and Cass even landed their finishing move on Anderson, but Gallows help break up the pin on his partner! Chaos ensued on the outside, which led to Enzo getting laid out with a running knee strike from Anderson. Enzo got pinned, but his leg was clearly on the rope. Gallows pushed Enzo’s leg off at the very last second before the ref could see it, however.

Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

WWE Fastlane 2017

Winner: And still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville!

Highlights: Neville and Gallagher locked up on more than one occasion with Gallagher getting one over on the champ every time. Gallagher eventually balanced himself on the top rope, taunted Neville and then booted him down once he got too close for comfort. Gallagher looked good until he Neville began using kicks to physically disrespect the classier gentleman. Neville used more strikes to make sure Gallagher stayed weakened for much longer. After being locked in a submission, Gallagher broke free from Neville and began making a comeback with dropkicks and a mid-rope plancha to the outside. Gallagher than launched Neville onto the top rope and brought him back down to Earth with a Top Rope Belly to Back Suplex.

Once both men got back to their feet, Neville planted Gallagher across the top rope and then slammed his face right into the mat. Gallagher looked to land a quick roll-up pin, but Neville kicked out and answered his pinning attempt with a Snap German Suplex. Neville then landed a Phoenix Splash, but it didn’t quite finish Gallagher just yet. Afterwards, Neville got in Gallagher’s face and proceeded to kick him repeatedly. Neville looked for another big move, but he was met with a nasty Headbutt. Neville answered back with another kick, but Gallagher pulled off another equally painful Headbutt soon after. Gallagher looked to land his Running Dropkick into the corner, but he missed and got Superkicked once he turned back around.

Gallagher got Neville back onto the top rope, but this time he headbutted him while he was there. Gallagher signaled for a Superplex, but Neville dropped him and finished off the English gentleman with a Red Arrow.


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Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

WWE Fastlane 2017

Winner: Roman Reigns!

Highlights: Strowman wasted no time in using his immense power to play around with Reigns. Reigns even got thrown to the outside, but he made sure to hop back onto the apron to land a punch on Strowman. Once back in the ring, both juggernauts struck each other all the way to the outside. Strowman still stood strong after catching a jumping clothesline from Reigns, but he caused himself to get hurt after running shoulder first into the steel steps. Strowman shook off the damage he just received from that error, but Reigns got the jump on Strowman when he got back into the ring. Reigns landed a series of punches on Strowman atop the rope, but Strowman powered him down with a huge Spinebuster. Strowman then took control of the match once again.

Strowman added insult to injury by delivering a Samoan dROP and Body Splash to Reigns. Strowman locked Reigns in a tight chinlock for a good while and even smashed his chest in with more strikes. Reigns got free and almost made a comeback, but Strowman grabbed him in mid-air then forced him to the mat with a Reverse Chokeslam. Strowman took the match back to the outside and began dismantling the ringside announcer’s table. He looked to land a big Powerslam, but Reigns slipped out and shoved Strowman into the corner ring post. Reigns went for his Drive-by dropkick on the ring apron, but Strowman woke up in time to stop him then force him into the same corner ring post.

After both men got back into the ring, Reigns got a 2nd wind and began beating down Strowman. Reigns even fed a Samoan Drop to the bigger man. Reigns then signaled for his Superman Punch, but Strowman dodged him and proceeded to respond with a a unique Cutter maneuver. Strowman late tried to finish Reigns with a big boot into the corner on Reigns, but Reigns dodged him. Strowman fell to the outside with a now injured leg, which led right into Reigns landing his Drive-by Dropkick. Reigns signaled for the Spear, but Strowman caught him one again and put him through the announcer’s table with a Running Powerslam.

Strowman slowly made his way back into the ring and then turned right around into a surprise Spear from Reigns. It wasn’t enough to put away Strowman, though. Reigns finally landed two Superman Punches that almost got Strowman to leave his feet for a quick second. Strowman got back to his feet though and stopped Reigns’ next Spear attempt. Strowman then climbed to the top rope and went for a big top-tope splash, but he missed completely. Reigns then took this mistake on Strowman’s behalf to grab the victory with another Spear.


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Kevin Owens (c) vs. Goldberg (WWE Universal Championship)

WWE Fastlane 2017

Winner: And the new WWE Universal Champion, Goldberg!

Highlights: As soon as the match got underway, Owens escaped to the outside to survey the situation. Goldberg jaw jacked with him all the while. Owens took his extra sweet time moving around the ring while his title challenger stared him down. Once the bell rang, Y2J’s music hit and caught Owens completely off guard. Owens then turned right around into Spear/Jackhammer combination that ended his championship reign.


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Best Non-Match Moments/Highlights

The New Day debut their WrestleMania-bound ice cream bike: WWE Fastlane 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)The New Day, official hosts of WrestleMania 33, realize their "ice cream dream" by revealing their brand-new bike to the WWE Universe. Courtesy of WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: goo.gl/akf0J42017-03-06T03:42:41.000Z

Wrestlemania 33

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