NFL Draft 2017: First Round Draft Order


The time is officially here.

Hundreds of collegiate athletes will finally get to have their childhood dreams come true as they hear their name called from the podium in Philadelphia.

The 2017 NFL Draft takes place from Philadelphia, and it offers quite the unique setting. It will take place at an outdoor theater outside of Philadelphia’s Museum of Art.

Coincidentally — or maybe not so much — that’s the same area where Rocky Balboa ran up the steps in triumph during one of the Rocky movies.

The Cleveland Browns have been on the clock ever since the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51 with an improbable come-from-behind victory.

The Browns are expected to pick Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett with the first selection in the draft, but after that, all bets are off.

The first round of the draft starts at 8 p.m. EDT and can be seen on NFL Network and on ESPN.

Here’s the full draft order from the first round:

2017 NFL Draft First Round Order

1: Cleveland Browns
2: San Francisco 49ers
3: Chicago Bears
4: Jacksonville Jaguars
5: Tennessee Titans (from L.A. Rams)
6: New York Jets
7: Los Angeles Chargers
8: Carolina Panthers
9: Cincinnati Bengals
10: Buffalo Bills
11: New Orleans Saints
12: Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)
13: Arizona Cardinals
14: Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota)
15: Indianapolis Colts
16: Baltimore Ravens
17: Washington Redskins
18: Tennessee Titans
19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20: Denver Broncos
21: Detroit Lions
22: Miami Dolphins
23: New York Giants
24: Oakland Raiders
25: Houston Texans
26: Seattle Seahawks
27: Kansas City Chiefs
28: Dallas Cowboys
29: Green Bay Packers
30: Pittsburgh Steelers
31: Atlanta Falcons
32: New Orleans Saints

The second and third rounds of the draft start at 7 p.m. EDT on Friday and the fourth through seventh rounds begin at noon on Saturday.

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