NFL Draft Predictions 2017: Odds & Best Prop Bets

Vegas has expanded the betting options to include a number of prop bets for the 2017 NFL Draft. While fans will not be able to place wagers on specific players, there are a plethora of options ranging from players getting drafted from a particular conference to the number of quarterbacks that will be selected in the first round. While you cannot bet on the specific team where a players will land, there are a number of prop bets with over-under numbers for some of the top prospects. For example, the over-under for Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson is 12.5. If you take over 12.5, it means you are betting Watson will not be selected with one of the first 12 selections. The under means you are taking Watson to be selected inside the first 12 picks. Nevada Gaming Chairman A.G. Burnett explained the stipulations to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It has to be something that makes us comfortable from a regulatory standpoint,” Burnett told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “Most importantly, that the outcome of the event can’t be affected by a bet that is placed.” All odds listed are courtesy of OddsShark. Heavy is here to walk you through the best bets for the NFL Draft by making a few predictions for Thursday's first round. Fans can also check out Heavy's latest mock draft for help on additional prop bets. Click the arrow on the right side of the middle of the page to see Heavy's top predictions and bets for the 2017 NFL Draft. (Getty)