NFL Schedule 2017: Leaks, Rumors & Spoilers

nfl schedule, leaks, rumors

Tom Brady and the Patriots will get a rematch with the Falcons. (Getty)

Were you ever tempted to unwrap the presents under the Christmas tree before Christmas came? Football fans have essentially been doing just that as leaks of the NFL schedule infiltrated the internet. Heavy is here to keep you updated with all the latest leaks and rumors.

If you are waiting to be surprised by tonight’s made-for-television NFL schedule release at 8 p.m. Eastern then you may not want to read any further. It is important to note the NFL has not confirmed any of these date and are rumors at this time.

Both the Bears and Giants have reports out with full leaked schedules. Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs released a leak of the 2017 Bears schedule.

WFAN’S Mike Francessa released a leak of the Giants full 2017 schedule:

NFL Update released a leak of the Patriots schedule:

The Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens will take on the Jaguars in London on September 24 (Week 3). SB Nation’s Silver and Black Pride reports the Raiders will take on the Patriots in Mexico City on November 19.

There are a couple holiday related rumors. NFL Update reports the Eagles will host the Raiders on Christmas, and the Cowboys will host the Chargers on Thanksgiving. The Redskins-Giants is another rumored Thanksgiving matchup.

Fans of Super Bowl 51 will get a rematch of the Patriots and Falcons in Week 7. According to Binge Sports, the game will take place on October 22 on Sunday Night Football.

Here’s a roundup of some of the other noteworthy leaks and rumors:

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