WWE Backlash 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

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At last year’s Backlash, a moment we never thought would come true actually occurred – AJ Styles won the WWE Championship.

Backlash 2017 is here and the WWE Championship scene has changed, of course. But the #1 contender for SD Live’s top prize is an unexpected choice – Jinder Mahal. Randy Orton will defend his title against the man who’s looking to claim the championship and become an icon for his place of origin. Based on last year’s event, it’s likely that we might see another insane title change go down. Also on the card is a United States Championship match that features two of SD Live’s other finest competitors – title holder Kevin Owens and his latest rival, AJ Styles. These bouts and many more make up the entirety of a card that looks to stand out as one of SD Live’s best PPV’s for the current era.

So stay right here as we go into detail about all the results and highlights from Backlash 2017.

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

WWE Backlash 2017

Winner: Tye Dillinger!

Highlights: English presented his best song singing rendition to the crowd during his entrance. Both men taunted each other then got right into some back and forth grappling. Both men tried to land 10 punches on each other, but English ended up slipping away and finally getting the advantage on Dillinger. Dillinger dropped him with a neckbreaker and then a flying back elbow strike on him in the corner. English stayed on top for a good while from that point forward. Dillinger managed to get out of a submission hold and finally got the upper hand on his foe. Dillinger laid in his comeback offense while the crowd cheered him on. Dillinger laid in his 10 punches on English on the corner and tried going for his finisher, but English slid out of the ring to avoid it. English ended up laying Dillinger’s throat over the top rope and tried to land something off the top rope. Dillinger then got dropped with a unique Facebuster maneuver. Afterwards, English signaled for another big move but Dillinger got him up just in time to land his finisher – the Tye Breaker 2.0. Dillinger wins!

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

WWE Backlash 2017

Winner: Luke Harper!

Highlights: Erick Rowan entered the arena with an ever creepier sheep mask (we didn’t think that was even possible). When both giants locked up, Rowan immediately ran Harper into the corner. Rowan threw several punches at Harper, but soon Harper began landing some big shots of his own. Harper ended up losing control after he got pushed face first onto the steel ring steps from the top rope. Rowan made his way to the outside and began punishing Harper even more. When the match returned to the ring, Rowan continued beating the hell out of his former “family” member. Harper tried to make a comeback, but Rowan cut him back down with a slick dropkick, a Pumphandle Backbreaker/Clothesline combination and bodyslams. While Harper lay prone in the middle of the ring, Rowan went sky high for a flying body splash. Luckily, Harper moved out of the way at the very last second.

Rowan looked to grab his mask for inspiration, but Harper stopped him. Harper clocked Rowan’s clock on the outside and then launched himself between the ropes at Rowan. Back inside the ring, Harper laid Rowan down with a Senton Splash and a nasty Big Boot. Harper even took Rowan down with his swinging Big Boss Man Slam. Rowan finally got some offense in after landing a Spinning Kick that got followed up by a big Powerbomb. Harper got caught with more big strikes from Rowan while the crowd booed his every move. Harper and Rowan got into loud striking war that ended with a Frankensteiner from Harper. Harper kept landing Superkicks and forcing Rowan to keep grabbing for his sheep mask. Harper finally finished Rowan with his signature Spinning Clothesline.

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

WWE Backlash 2017

Winner: Sami Zayn!

Highlights: When the bell finally rang, Corbin used his immense power and height to get the best of the smaller Zayn. Zayn resorted to getting ahold of Corbin’s arm at one point, but Corbin threw him away. Zayn used his speed to further anger his taller rival. Corbin took some time on the outside to change up his game plan. When he ran back in, he landed a few good strikes on Zayn but Zayn landed a nice dropkick on Corbin that forced him back to the outside. Both men soon found themselves near the crowd barrier, which led to Zayn pulling off a Moonsault on a standing Corbin. Zayn looked to be in control when both men re-entered the ring, but Corbin slammed Zayn’s back into the corner ring post. Corbin then began focusing his offense on Zayn’s strained back. Corbin kept Zayn in pain with a Bearhug for a long time, but Zayn eventually escaped a made a comeback.

Zayn’s comeback attempt didn’t do enough to bring down Corbin for too long, however. Corbin put Zayn down with a nasty Spinebuster while the crowd tried to rally behind Zayn. Corbin took too long to talk back to the taunting crowd, which led to him walking into a Clothesline from Zayn. Zayn then launched right into his signature comeback repertoire. Corbin eventually got the upper hand again after leaving the ring by sliding out and quickly running back in clean Zayn’s clock with a Clothesline of his own. Corbin then went right back to damaging Zayn’s weakened back. Zayn even got dropped with a Chokeslam into a Backbreaker from Corbin. Both men soon found themselves fighting on the top rope. Zayn used a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to slam Corbin right back into the mat.

Zayn went for a Tornado DDT off the top rope, but Corbin was just too strong to hit the mat. Both men began vying for control, but Corbin ended up getting just that after landing his Deep Six. Corbin decided to stomp out Zayn for a few seconds, but he ended up running right outside of the ring. Once back inside, Corbin found himself getting finished in the corner by Zayn’s Helluva Kick.

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