JoJo Offerman’s Dating History: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bray Wyatt’s wife has filed for divorce, claiming that he had an affair with WWE announcer JoJo Offerman, The Daily Mail reported on Monday.

JoJo Offerman is a 23-year-old WWE personality who has been signed with the company since 2013. She has become the primary in-ring announcer on Raw, always being the one who declares that the “following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Of course, relationships within the WWE are extraordinary common, and if JoJo and Bray Wyatt truly did have a thing backstage, this would not be her first time dating a fellow WWE employee.

Here’s what you need to know about the dating history of JoJo Offerman.

1. On ‘Total Divas,’ She Broke Up With Her High School Boyfriend

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JoJo Offerman’s ex-boyfriend Sebastian on ‘Total Divas.’ (

On the E! reality series Total Divas, JoJo Offerman was a major player in the first season, and one of her first storylines involves her relationship issues. At the start of the show, she was dating her high school boyfriend, Sebastian, and it’s said that they have known each other since they were five years old.

However, near the beginning of the season, things are not going well between them. Sebastian has a problem with the fact that JoJo is constantly working and never gets to spend time with him. After an argument about this, they break up.

“I cannot believe that Sebastian wants me to choose between him and my job,” JoJo says on the show.

Eva Marie had JoJo’s back on this issue, saying that Sebastian is being selfish. Natalya, too, thought that Sebastian was being unreasonable, not realizing that his girlfriend has a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the WWE and can’t just brush this side for a guy.

“Sebastian has to understand there’s a lot at stake, and this is something that is just one in a…JoJo, I was rejected for five years,” Natalya said. “He has to come to a compromise.”

Of course, Total Divas is a show that’s based on real life, but a lot of what happens on it is scripted just like a typical WWE program, and so it’s unclear how much of this was real, if any of it was at all.

2. She Dated Justin Gabriel on ‘Total Divas’

In Season 1 Episode 6 of Total Divas, JoJo Offerman makes note of Justin Gabriel, saying that he is “so hot” and asking Chris Jericho if he’s single. Later in the show, they’re seen flirting backstage. Eva Marie, JoJo’s friend, says that she’s worried that JoJo is rushing into another relationship too quickly after breaking up with her high school boyfriend. Still, Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman host a party together, and JoJo and Justin flirt there and eventually kiss.

As part of the show, JoJo says that she doesn’t think it’s a big deal that Justin Gabriel is older than her; there is an age difference of 13 years between them.

Throughout the remainder of the season, there’s quite a bit of drama involving Justin Gabriel betraying JoJo and flirting with other girls. JoJo is quite upset, saying that she “really really liked him.”

Once again, Total Divas is not a completely accurate depiction of real-life events, and so Justin and JoJo may have never really been together. At the very least, the circumstances surrounding their relationship seem to have been largely staged. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Gabriel talked about running with the storyline on Total Divas.

“It’s funny how they made that play out,” Gabriel said. “They were kind of mad at me, because I was like ‘yeah I’ll run with this storyline,’ it’s a lot like pro wrestling. They give you a lot of freedom to do and say what you want, they just give you guidelines.”

3. There Were Rumors That She Briefly Dated Randy Orton

In 2013, there were rumors that JoJo Offerman and Randy Orton were in a relationship, according to Bleacher Report.

This was shortly after Randy Orton got a divorce from his first wife, Samantha Speno. At the time, it was thought that this would play out on an upcoming season of Total Divas, and so there was speculation that the entire thing was just a manufactured Total Divas storyline.

However, JoJo never appeared on Total Divas again after Season 1, potentially lending credence to the idea that this was a real fling.  Also, for a time, JoJo was the only person Randy Orton followed on Twitter, according to What Culture.

If Randy Orton and JoJo did date, the relationship didn’t last long, as Randy Orton soon started dating Kim Kessler, the woman who would later become his wife.

4. In September 2013, She Started Dating Wrestler Jesse White

JoJo Offerman also quickly moved on to another relationship, as in September 2013, she started dating Jesse White.

Jesse White is a former WWE wrestler who performed under the ring name Jake Carter, and he is the son of Leon Allen White, a.k.a. Big Van Vader. In September 2016, JoJo and Jesse celebrated their third anniversary together. JoJo wrote on Instagram at the time, “It feels like just yesterday ? Thank you for being you. Happy 3rd Anniversary to this man ❤️.”

On Jesse’s birthday in 2013, JoJo wrote on Instagram, “You are truly the most incredible man I know, and words can not express the happiness you bring me. Thank you for not only being the best boyfriend, but my best friend as well. I hope you have an amazing day today baby.”

It’s not totally clear if JoJo and Jesse are still dating, but it seems they were still together as of April 2017, as that month, JoJo and Jesse posted photos of one another on their respective Instagram pages.

5. Bray Wyatt’s Wife Claims He Had an Affair With JoJo

Now, Bray Wyatt’s soon to be ex-wife is alleging that he had an affair with JoJo Offerman.

According to The Daily Mail, Samantha Rotunda accuses Bray Wyatt of adultery in her divorce filing, although the documents do not actually mention JoJo Offerman. However, Rotunda’s lawyer claimed to The Daily Mail that JoJo is the person with whom Wyatt had an affair.

Wyatt’s lawyer also claims that he has evidence that Wyatt and JoJo are maintaining “continuous contact.” Also, shortly after The Daily Mail published this report, a photo was posted on Twitter of JoJo and Wyatt arriving to an arena together for a WWE show, although it’s unclear when this picture was taken.

Bray Wyatt claims that his wife is defaming him, and at this point, it’s unclear whether Wyatt and JoJo truly are in a relationship.

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