Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Kurt Angle reveals that Jason Jordan is his son.

On a July episode of Monday Night RAW, Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan is his son (his kayfabe son, at least).

He did so following weeks of teases about a major secret that would threaten to destroy his career. Angle finally decided to go public on July 17th and declare to the world that he recently found out he has a son that he never knew about, and it just so happens that this son is a WWE wrestler, Jason Jordan.

In the weeks that followed the announcement, Angle has played the overjoyed “father” of Jordan, despite a series of losses.

Here’s what you need to know about the pairing of Jordan and Angle:

1. Within the Storyline, Jason Jordan’s Mom Was Kurt Angle’s Girlfriend in College

WWE.comKurt Angle on ‘Monday Night Raw.’

Obviously, Kurt Angle is not really Jason Jordan’s father. This is no more real than Hornswoggle being revealed as Vince McMahon’s son in 2007.

However, within the WWE storyline, the idea is that Kurt Angle had a girlfriend in college, and he got her pregnant shortly before their relationship ended. This woman did not tell Kurt Angle that she was pregnant, and she had the baby without his knowledge.

“When I was in college at Clarion University, I dated a young lady,” Angle said on Raw on July 17th. “We dated for a while, then we stopped dating. And it wasn’t until recently I found out that she gave birth nine months after our last date. She gave birth to a baby boy.”

We don’t know much about who this woman might be, but in a WWE Network interview with Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan on July 17th, it was stated that she is a very private person. It remains to be seen whether she will be introduced as a character within the storyline, but a recent report from Pro Wrestling Sheet suggests that she won’t be.

2. Within the Storyline, Jason Jordan Discovered This by Hiring a Private Investigator

So how did the revelation that Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan are related come to light within the storyline?

Well, in a WWE Network interview on July 17th, Jason Jordan explained. He said that he found out he was adopted after he graduated college, and he always wanted to learn who his biological parents were, so he hired a private investigator.

“I got in contact with a friend,” Jordan said. “They got me in contact with a private investigator who actually tracked down my birth mother, and they arranged a conversation – a call – between the two of us, and I’m so happy that I did it.”

Jordan says that during this conversation, his birth mother told him that his father is Kurt Angle, and he was “shocked” but also “excited.”

“I mean come on, seriously?” Jordan said. “Kurt Angle is my dad?”

3. Angle Was an Inspiration for Jordan In Real Life Before This Storyline Started

Jason Jordan, Jason Jordan wwe, Jason Jordan wrestler

WWE.comJason Jordan is a WWE superstar who is now Kurt Angle’s kayfabe son.

It must be pretty surreal for Jason Jordan to be involved in a storyline where he is the son of Kurt Angle. After all, Angle is someone that Jordan always looked up to.

In 2012, Jason Jordan was asked on Twitter who he considers to be his hero. Ironically, Jordan had two answers: in real life, his father, and in wrestling, Kurt Angle.

Jordan has also talked about his love for Kurt Angle in interviews, telling ESPN in October 2016 that Angle is an inspiration and that he grew up studying him.

“I grew up watching Kurt and so I’ve studied him a lot and figured out what it is that made him so great, what made him so amazing to watch,” Jordan told ESPN. “So trying to make sure that I picked up some of those things, but at the same time being myself, because I never wanna try and mimic somebody else. I wanna be myself and be the first Jason Jordan. I don’t wanna be the second Kurt Angle.”

He also told The Sun just a few months ago that he hoped to work with Kurt Angle one day.

“It would be great to work with Kurt,” Jordan said. “He paved the way for us amateur wrestlers. Also, his mind – the way he works in ring – it’s a thing of beauty. It’s amazing.”

The Wrestling Observer recently reported that Jason Jordan only found out about the Kurt Angle twist last week.

4. In Real Life, Kurt Angle Has Five Children & Jason Jordan Is Not Adopted

Kurt Angle does indeed have children in real life, although none of them are Jason Jordan.

Angle was married to Karen Smedley from 1988 through 2008, and they had two children, Kyra and Kody. Kody is Kurt Angle’s only son. A few years after Angle’s divorce, he married Giovanna Yannotti, with whom he has had three daughters: Giuliana, Sophia, and Nikoletta. Nikoletta was just born last year.

In real life, Jason Jordan is not adopted. He was born in Tinley Park, Illinois in 1988, and his biological parents raised him along with his three brothers.

Although not much information is known about Jason Jordan’s parents, there are some photos of them available, which you can see here.

5. Some Fans Have a Theory That Angle & Jordan Are Actually Not Related Within the WWE Storyline

Kurt Angle corey graves, kurt angle corey graves office, kurt angle corey graves raw

WWE.comKurt Angle has a mysterious conversation with Corey Graves on ‘Raw.’

The Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle relationship storyline is evidently going to last quite some time; Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that it’s going to be central to Raw for at least the next few months.

But some fans have a theory that even within the WWE storyline, Angle and Jordan aren’t actually related and that Angle is being bamboozled.

There are a few different versions of this theory, but the most popular one is that this is a plot by Stephanie McMahon. The idea is that she wasn’t happy with her father hiring Kurt Angle as the general manager while she was away, and so she planted false information about Angle in order to blackmail him or pressure him into quitting. Unfortunately for her, it backfired, as Angle revealed the information himself and everyone was fine with it. There were rumors for weeks that the Kurt Angle mystery was leading to the return of Stephanie McMahon and a match between Kurt Angle and Triple H, and it’s possible that this is still true; it’s just more of a long term thing than we expected, and Stephanie McMahon won’t reveal that Jason Jordan is not really Kurt Angle’s son until a few months down the line.

There are a few pieces of evidence to support this theory, but one big one is the fact that this whole thing started with Corey Graves receiving a text from someone railing against Angle as a disgrace and an embarrassment to the WWE. In retrospect, it’s kind of weird to imagine someone saying that about Kurt Angle having a son that he didn’t know about, especially when he didn’t have an affair or anything, but it makes more sense if those were the words of Stephanie McMahon trying to pressure Kurt Angle to resign.

Some other theories are that Corey Graves is the one who set all of this up in an attempt to become general manager himself, while still another theory is that Jason Jordan alone is behind the lie because he felt it would help him get a leg up in the WWE. Logistically, it makes sense to reverse this twist in a few months or a year, as while the father/son storyline might be entertaining for that amount of time, it’s hard to imagine that Jordan would want to be defined as being Kurt Angle’s son for the rest of his career.

Read more about these theories here:

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Mari Keith

Just another storyline to boost ratings for WWE and the WWE fans were suckered in like always. I must say that Jason does have some facial features like Kurt but you can tell they are not related. If that is the way the corporation is going in that direction why not put together Roman Reigns, The Usos and The Rock in a fatal 4way match since the are all cousins to one another.

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