WWE Raw: How Corey Graves Knew About the Jason Jordan Reveal

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WWE.com Kurt Angle has a mysterious conversation with Corey Graves on 'Raw.'

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan is his son, at least within the WWE storyline. This came after weeks and weeks of teases that Kurt Angle had a big secret that was going to be exposed, and a major player in that storyline was Corey Graves. So now that we know what the secret was, how exactly did Graves even know about this?

An explanation for this has been said on commentary on the past few Raw episodes, although it has gone by so quickly that some viewers may have missed it. Immediately after the Kurt Angle reveal on July 17th, Graves said that Jordan is a close friend and that he had been confiding in him for weeks.

“I’ve known Jason since our days in NXT, and we’ve become very good friends,” Graves said. “Jason’s been confiding in me, and I appreciate his friendship. I’m happy for both Jason and Kurt, and I’m glad I could be helpful to them in some way.”

A similar comment was made on the July 24th episode of Raw, with Graves reiterating that he and Jordan are good friends.

“I’ve known Jason since he began in NXT,” Graves said. “We both joined WWE the same exact time. One of my close friends. He has a very bright future.”

It sounds, then, like the explanation really is just that Graves found out about this because Jordan is his friend and told him. In addition, in an interview on the WWE Network last week, Jordan said that a friend of his got him in contact with a private investigator, and so it’s possible that Corey Graves himself was that friend.

What doesn’t quite make sense, though, is why Corey Graves spent so many weeks looking so concerned about Kurt Angle’s secret, acting as if it was some bombshell that threatened to destroy Angle’s life. When the secret actually came out, Graves seemed pretty happy about it, and in retrospect, it didn’t make much sense how seriously everyone was treating it.

We also still don’t know who was calling out Kurt Angle, as this storyline started with Corey Graves getting a message on his phone that said that Angle was a disgrace and an embarrassment to the WWE. Graves said that something about his personality makes people tell him things. It’s unclear if we’ll ever find out who this person was, but the WWE isn’t always super consistent with its storytelling, so it’s possible that this will never be returned to.

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