Ezekiel Elliott Suspension: Zeke Will Be Out For 6 Games

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Getty The Cowboys are awaiting word from the NFL on whether Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended by the league for six games. Cowboys fans and fantasy owners were all equally awaiting the official word from the NFL office on the suspension decision.

Recent rumors gave a wide range of outcomes for Elliott with it being as short as one game to as much as a six game suspension. SiriusXM’s Ross Tucker initially reported a source informed him a six game suspension was not out of the question.

This coincided with the NFL’s policy on domestic violence punishment.

As NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero pointed out, it is important to note that any suspension could be appealed by Elliott, which could extend the process further as we have seen with players like Tom Brady.

A one to two game suspension would not have been for domestic violence, but the NFL reprimanding Elliott for a pattern of inappropriate behavior.

Regardless of length, one thing that has been consistent in recent days was the expectation that Elliott would be suspended. Indications of an Elliott suspension started to gain traction after Schefter’s July report of a “growing sense” around the league that Elliott would be suspended. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of the few people who does not expect Elliott to be suspended.

“I do not anticipate a suspension,” Jones told Dallas Morning News’ David Moore. The announcement wraps up an NFL investigation that began last season.

If the suspension holds, Elliott would be eligible to return to play in Week 8.



Malcolm Davidson

The Cowboys will most likely lose 2 games without him that they might have won. They most likely will go to the playoffs, butI don’t see them in the Super Bowl, much less winning it.


I knew this little boy, that was taken away from his parents, because they beat him all of the time. When his case ended up in front of a judge, he asked the little boy, if he wanted to live with his Grandmother, and he said no,because she beat me. Then the judge ask him if he wanted to live with any of his Aunts or Uncles, and he said no, because they also beat him. So, the judge was confused on what to do, so he ask the little boy, who he wanted to live with. He stood silent for a little bit, and then he said, ” I want to live with the Dallas Cowboys, because they don’t beat anyone “


Isn’t it strange that it is always a Black man, involved in a Domestic Violence situation ? To me, this seems to be a pattern lately. Just expressing my opinion here.

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