WATCH: Anthem Singers Kneel Without Seahawks & Titans Players

National anthem signers joined in the latest NFL anthem protests. Both the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks players decided to stay in the locker room during the national anthem. As the above video shows, the Titans anthem singers took a knee after they performed the anthem.

As this video shows, the teams were greeted with boos as they took the field.

The Seahawks-Titans game was one of several contests with a late-afternoon kickoff. The day has been full of various protests after President Donald Trump called for NFL owners to fire players who did not stand for the anthem. The Seahawks and Titans joined the Steelers as teams who boycotted the anthem completely.

The Titans listed Meghan Linsey as the anthem singer. Linsey was a runner up on The Voice.

In addition to her appearance on The Voice, here is how Linsey describes herself on Twitter: “Girl Boss,Singer/Songwriter, Believer,entrepreneur, Building a Fempire,Fashionista,🐶lover, yogi…”

Here’s a longer look at the anthem with both teams missing during the song.

Fans have witnessed more anthem protests in Week 3 after Trump’s comments on NFL players during an Alabama rally. Trump again focused on the NFL in a series of early Sunday morning tweets calling for fans to boycott the NFL if players are allowed to kneel during the anthem.

The Seahawks have been associated with several anthem demonstrations. Seattle defensive lineman Michael Bennett has been one of the prominent NFL figures sitting during past anthems. During the 2016 season, the Seahawks linked arms while the anthem was played as we saw several teams do during Week 3.

The Titans-Seahawks anthem may be one of the most unique anthem protests as it united the singers with the players who were boycotting the anthem. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the NFL does not plan on fining teams who miss the anthem.

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