WATCH: NFL Players Take a Knee to Protest President Trump in London Game

Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images) LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: Jacksonville Jaguar players show their protest during the National Anthem during the NFL International Series match between Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on September 24, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Many Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars players take a knee during the national anthem. Others locked arms or put their hands on teammates’ backs. Jaguars owner Shad Khan also participated in the protest despite giving money to Trump’s inauguration.

Most recently, Trump continued to stir the pot:

Trump’s Attack on Football
President Trump Friday attacked pro football players who don’t stand during the national anthem – and urged team owners to remove those silent protesters from the field at a campaign rally in Huntsville on Friday, according to the NY Post.

He continued, saying that he wishes NFL suits would take a harder stance against players who take a knee during the national anthem.

Trump said, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag to say, `Get that son of a bitch off the field right now! Out. He’s fired! He’s fired!”

#TakeAKnee Trend on Twitter:





As a proud American Marine, son of a proud American Korean War Veteran who earned the Stars & Stripes I – through grief – own, view the taking of a knee by 15 players during the National Anthem in the NFL as the most respectful form of concern for our United States Democratic & Spiritual Condition.

I need to understand what they are taking a knee for – the inequality in racial justice. As a devout Christian believing in Godly Justice I see this respectful protest – as a True statement. We Americans still, even after 150 years, have racial injustice. My father, an American war hero, is in no way dishonored by these American cultural heroes that respectfully protest our Freedom Anthem. If any person changes a cultural norm for any reason other than to make our American Spiritual condition better I would be outraged. You do NOT protest our flag or anthem for hatred, greed or abuses – these dishonor my fathers’ sacrifice for Freedom. Freedom from hatred, greed and abuses is what All Americans fight for.

The norm for hearing the Nations Anthem during a national venue is standing. Please tell me you would not spring to a standing position if you heard the Star-Spangled Banner while driving your car. Okay, so we shouldn’t be ridiculous. My father took part in a non-normal act (war) to give the South Korean people a billion times better life (freedom) than there North Korean counterpart. I fully support these Cultural Heroes by taking a Spiritual knee with them. I would have stood next to them with my hand on their shoulder but now that president Trump (a conceited, greedy and raciest man) has weighed in, I’m on my knee with them – even if it is just in my living room.

Taking a knee during the Nation’s Anthem at any sports event by Our Leaders is declaring the end of raciest play in Our America – nothing more or less than Our Spiritual Freedom. Please do not see traditions as more important than our Spiritual Condition because if you do then you are siding with the destroyer of Godly Justice and taking your part with the Pharisees in the resurrection to judgment. As a Spiritual Leader I will NOT sugar coat this behavior of traditions over the destruction of racism – taking a knee the most peaceful form to date. You may indeed join us by taking a knee during our Nations Anthem or understand our concerns (that racism need be destroyed) by standing next to us with your hand on our shoulders in prayer.


Scumbags can bow down now for all I care. My NFL boycott is on. Beg me to care about the NFL now.

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