College Football Rankings: Top 25 Power Rankings Week 7

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Oklahoma was upset at home by Iowa State.

The start of the 2017 college football season looks eerily similar to the last two seasons with familiar faces at the top. Heavy will be updating our live college football power rankings throughout the day.

Alabama and Clemson once again appear to be the class of college football. NBA fans are familiar with the Cavs-Warriors triology as we saw the teams meet in three straight NBA Finals. Football fans could be in for a similar fate as the two teams have faced off in the last two national championship games, and could be on a collision course for a third matchup.

Clemson made short work of Wake Forest, but the bigger concern is how long quarterback Kelly Bryant could be out. Bryant suffered an ankle injury, and was forced to leave the game. Alabama survived a scare in College Station to defeat Texas A&M.

Just when you think the sport may be getting a little predictable, college football has a way of shaking things up. This week, it was in the form of Iowa State, who was more than a four touchdown underdog in Norman. Iowa State upset Oklahoma on the road. The Cyclones’ upset will have big College Football Playoff ramifications as the Sooners were one of the early favorites.

Georgia continued their undefeated season in Nashville with a route of Vanderbilt. The Bulldogs face Missouri next week.

Here’s a look at our college football power rankings which will be updated as more games go final. Teams are listed how we would rank them, and each team’s AP poll ranking can be found in the third column.

College Football Power Rankings

1 Alabama (6-0) 1
2 Clemson (6-0) 2
3 Penn State (6-0) 4
4 Georgia (6-0) 5
5 Washington (5-0) 6
6 TCU (5-0) 7
7 Washington State (6-0) 11
8 Wisconsin (5-0) 9
9 Oklahoma (4-1) 3
10 Ohio State (4-1) 10
11 Michigan (4-1) 11
12 Miami (4-0) 13
13 Auburn (5-1) 12
14 USC (5-1) 14
15 Oklahoma State (4-1) 15
16 NC State (5-1) 24
17 USF (5-0) 18
18 UCF (4-0) 25
19 San Diego State (5-0) 19
20 Virginia Tech (4-1) 16
21 Notre Dame (4-1) 21
22 Michigan State (4-1) NR
23 LSU (3-2) NR
24 Stanford (3-2) NR
25 West Virginia (3-2) 23