Marshawn Lynch Pushes Ref: Watch the Raiders RB Get Ejected

Twitter Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was ejected Thursday for pushing a referee during a fight.

Things were just starting to heat up in the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders game Thursday when Marshawn Lynch tried to come to the rescue. In what’s been an offensive shootout so far, tensions started flaring midway through the second quarter, and Lynch wasn’t around to see the rest of the game.

A fight ensued following a controversial play when Raiders quarterback Derek Carr took hit as he was on his way to the ground. On the play, Carr tried to move forward for extra yardage, but was stopped. Then, all hell broke loose.

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters came in and made contact with Carr as he was moving toward the ground, which set off Oakland’s offensive line. A scuffle ensued between some Chiefs and Raiders players. In the middle of it, Lynch, who wasn’t in for the play, sprinted off the sideline and got involved. He started shoving Chiefs players as soon as he approached and was grabbed by a referee. Without looking to see who it was that grabbed him, the running back shoved back, grabbing the ref by his shirt and moving him backward. He was flagged on the play for joining the confrontation and making contact with the ref and was ejected from the game.

Watch a video of the play below:

Marshawn Lynch Gets EJECTED For Grabbing A Referee | Chiefs vs. Raiders | NFLThings get heated in Oakland on a late hit on Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch being ejected for shoving a ref.2017-10-20T01:44:04.000Z

The Chiefs were ahead when Lynch was tossed, 17-14, and the Raiders subsequently had a field goal blocked.

It’s Lynch’s first season in his hometown of Oakland playing for the Raiders. He announced his retirement from the Seattle Seahawks one day after Super Bowl 50, when he tweeted a photo of his football cleats hanging on a telephone wire. He sat out the next season but said he was inspired to come out of retirement this year because he wanted to inspire children for his hometown team before the franchise moves to Las Vegas.

On April 26, Lynch passed his physical and was traded from Seattle to Oakland for a fifth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He signed a two-year deal with the Raiders, worth $9 million with a maximum of up to $16.5 million with incentives.

In his first game with the Raiders, he rushed for 76 yards in a victory against the Tennessee Titans. Lynch was fined $12,000 for flipping off a Titans player in the game.