Blake Bortles Girlfriend: Is the Jaguars Quarterback Dating Anyone?

Blake Bortles girlfriend


Blake Bortles is the quarterback of the Jacksonville, Jaguars. He has led his team to the AFC Championship, taking on the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Sunday, January 21 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

Bortles does not currently have a girlfriend, according to the website Who’s Dated Who. He hasn’t gone public with a relationship since dating his now-ex, Lindsay Duke. Bortles and Duke split back in 2014. As for why the high school sweethearts parted ways, that is unclear. Things seemed to be going well for them and their split was somewhat surprising. Despite reports that Duke broke up with Bortles, someone claiming to know someone close to Bortles’ family claims that it was Bortles who did the dumping.

“[I’m] not sure. [A] friend of mine is good friends with his family and they said he was single now. Only [thing] I know is he ended it,” tweeted Steve Sardone, who responded to a message sent by Busted Coverage.

Bortles, 25, had gotten his very first taste of fame when he inked a deal with the Jaguars in 2014, being drafted by the team after playing college ball for Central Florida. As with many quarterbacks (especially young, handsome ones), his relationship became a hot topic and he was often asked about his girlfriend by the press.

In February 2014, Bortles was on-hand for an interview on the Dan Patrick Show when his relationship came up — and it wasn’t the first time. Although the interviewer didn’t ask him directly about his romance with Duke, the media’s curiosity was discussed.

“Wait, what did they ask you about your girlfriend. If you had one?” the interviewer asked Bortles at the time.

“Yeah, [they asked] if I had one. It was just kind of some awkward, ‘Well if we come to town will she be there for dinner?’ Stuff like that,” he responded.

“Wait a minute, your girlfriend’s a little famous right? She’s been on the Internet, pictures have gone viral of her. Very, very striking woman. Didn’t they do their homework on this?” the interviewer asked.

“Yeah. They knew going into the meeting. I think that was kind of their angle, to see how I would react to it,” Bortles said.

The last photo that he has of him and Duke is from 2013. While it’s unclear if Bortles is still friends with Duke, the fact that he didn’t go through and delete all of their photos suggests that he is.

You can check out Bortles’ post below.

Bortles hasn’t been too forthcoming about any information about his personal life and he keeps his Instagram account free from any posts that might tip the media off. Instead, Bortles focuses on his career and shares pictures of his team, his family, and his friends — but he doesn’t do so very often. Bortles seems to prefer to stay off of social media, especially during football season. He hasn’t uploaded an Instagram photo since July 2017.

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