Does Dustin Johnson Have a Wife? Is Golfer Married?

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Dustin Johnson does not have a wife, but he is close. According to, Johnson has been engaged to girlfriend Paulina Gretzky since 2013.

It was Gretzky’s mother, Janet Jones Gretzky, that introduced Johnson to her daughter. Gretzky explained how the two met in an interview with Golf Digest.

At the end of 2011, my mom played with Dustin in the Wednesday pro-am at Tiger’s tournament at Sherwood. She told Dustin about her daughter, blah-blah-blah, and invited him to the house that night. I’m sure he was rolling his eyes, and so was I when my mom invited me over to meet this golfer she had just met. So I show up looking like a complete ragamuffin, and here’s this really cute guy. I didn’t stay long, but he was such a gentleman, so endearing. He’s always been that way to me. We exchanged numbers, and here we are.

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The Couple Thought About Getting Married in 2014

Gretzky told Golf Digest that the couple had planned to get married in the fall of 2014, but the scheduling did not work out. The couple has still not gotten married, but Gretzky did reference planning a wedding on Fathers Day 2017. Here were Gretzky’s initial comments to Golf Digest in 2014.

“Wow! The big question. We wanted so badly to do it this fall, but with his schedule and all it’s been hard to set a date,” Gretzky explained to Golf Digest. “It’ll be our special day, and we just want it to be right and to fit.”

Gretzky spoke about planning a wedding in a 2017 Instagram post, but it has since been deleted.

“Can’t wait to start planning my wedding to this amazing man. Thank you for being the best dad to our boys…Happy Fathers Day @djohnsonpga,” Gretzky posted on Instagram.

Dustin & Paulina Have 2 Children: River & Tatum

The couple has two children, three-year-old Tatum and one-year-old River. Johnson believes being a father has helped his golf game. He spoke with People after the birth of their first son.

“From the first day he’s born, your perspective on life completely changes,” Johnson told People. “Things that were important aren’t important anymore. He’s the only thing that’s really important…It makes life a lot easier, I think, just because there’s just one thing that’s all you think about. It definitely simplifies stuff.”

Wayne Gretzky Has Helped Dustin Johnson Turn His Life Around

Wayne Gretzky: My stomach hurts when Dustin Johnson puttsWayne Gretzky shares how he is so emotionally invested in Dustin Johnson – his daughter Paulina's fiance – that it hurts his stomach and he has to turn away at times during Johnson's PGA play. Plus, The Great One shares how he witnessed a major shift in Johnson's golf play, which Gretzky attributes to a…2016-10-26T15:06:41.000Z

Johnson’s challenges away from golf have been well documented. Gretzky’s father is hall-of-fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky, and Johnson has a close relationship with his future father-in-law. Her father was not too happy when Johnson looked to be blowing both his career and family life. Wayne Gretzky always believed in Johnson’s talent, and it is something that helped the golfer turn things around.

“When an athlete of his stature … thinks very highly of you, it definitely gives you a lot of confidence and gives you more belief,” Johnson explained to Sports on Earth.

Paulina Admits to Not Liking Golf

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GettyDustin Johnson walks with Paulina Gretzky during the Masters Par 3 contest.

Gretzky was not the biggest golf fan before meeting Johnson. Despite her parents love for the game, it was something she never enjoyed. This has changed a bit now that she regularly attends tournaments to cheer on Johnson.

“I didn’t appreciate golf as much when I was little, probably because my mom put us in tennis camps and golf camps,” Gretzky explained to Golf Digest. “My mom has a video of me when I was really young where I’m saying, ‘Daddy, don’t go play golf anymore.’ I just wanted to spend time with him…Oh, I’ve definitely played. I walked all 18 holes in my dad’s tournament. Felt like the longest day of my life, but I stuck through it. The truth is, I was a total tomboy and loved sports. Dad always says I was his best athlete. I played softball until the sixth grade, and that’s when I said, ‘Dad, stop. I’m a girl.'”