WWE ‘Monday Night RAW’ Match Results & Spoilers June 18th

Alexa Bliss

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The latest episode of Monday Night RAW is currently airing on the USA Network. Here’s what’s happened so far:

11:00 – Corbin and Owens win. The show ends with Corbin celebrating his win while Owens recovers from the beating he took.

10:56 – Balor and Corbin start for their teams. Corbin hits Balor with a cheap shot before tagging Owens to continue the attack on Balor.  The tag teams exchange brutal hits before Strowman comes in to level Owens and knock him out of the ring. Balor gets tagged back in and hits a dropkick to set up for the Coup de Grace, but Corbin trips him on the top rope and hits the End of Days for the pin.

Finn Balor & Braun Strowman vs.  Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens

10:52 – Rollins gives an interview backstage about losing the IC title. He says he has no excuses for losing and only has himself to blame. He refers to Drew McIntyre as a problem that he will have to deal with, and that he has plans to invoke his rematch clause on next week’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

10:50 – Elias sings a song about how Seth Rollins cheated him at Money in the Bank and how he should be champion right now.

10:42 – Banks is shown trying to leave the arena but Bayley catches her. Banks says they aren’t friends anymore and drives away in her car.

10:40Mojo Rawley wins. Rawley easily pins No Way Jose. Rawley gives an interview after the match and says that he’s more worried about staying focused than staying hyped.

10:35 – No Way Jose sends Rawley out of the ring and hits him with a kick through the ropes. Rawley re-enters the ring visibly angry, and lets loose on Jose with his fists and a brutal headbutt. Rawley keeps the momentum, hitting Jose with a facebuster and a pin.

Mojo Rawley vs. No Way Jose

10:28Lashley and Reigns win. Lashley finishes the job off with a spear.

10:26 – Lashley and Reigns have some communication issues early on, and The Revival take advantage of this. It doesn’t last long, however, as Lashley takes both men out with a clothesline. Dawson wears Lashley down with a headlock but he manages to tag Reigns in, who hits both Revival members with Superman Punches.

The Revival vs. Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns

10:10 – Bobby Lashley comes out and says that Reigns doesn’t have what it takes to finish the job against Lesnar. The Revival come out to interrupt Lashley and complain that they they have yet to get their shot. They challenge Lashley and Reigns to a tag team match.

10:06 – Kurt Angles comes out and tries to talk about his plans for the future, but Roman Reigns interrupts him to ask for another title match against Brock Lesnar.

10:04 The Riott Squad wins. Banks pushes Bayley away when she tries to help her up. They get in each other’s faces and start arguing. This looks to be the start of a feud that has long been teased by WWE. Bayley tracks down Banks backstage and they end up brawling. Banks gets the upper hand and decks Bayley before leaving her on the ground.

9:53 – The Riott Squad takes a commanding lead early on, but Bayley and Banks recover and take them down with a series of kicks and a double knees. Just when they look as though they’re going to wrap things up, however, The Riott Squad hits a cheap shot and manages to roll Banks up and pin her.

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The Riott Squad

9:48 – Bayley and Sasha Banks come out after the break for their match with The Riott Squad.

9:44Jinder Mahal wins. He regains some of his momentum after losing to Reigns at Money in the Bank.

9:35 – Gable takes Mahal down early on with a spinebuster. Gable locks in an armbar over the top rope for the a five count but Mahal breaks free. He gets an additional two count with an impressive moonsault, but Mahal recovers and hits Khallas to get the pin.

Jinder Mahal vs. Chad Gable

9:28 – Jinder Mahal comes out to face Chad Gable after the break and he claims he actually won last night because he found inner peace. Gable comes out after him.

9:25 – Baron Corbin walks into Angle’s office and hands him a phone to talk to Stephanie McMahon about Rousey’s suspension.

9:22Hardy and Wyatt win. They notch their latest win with ease.

9:15 – Rhyno and Slater come out strong, but Hardy and Wyatt fight back and dominate the tag team. Wyatt does his signature spider before taking out Rhyno and then tags in Hardy to hit Slater with their finisher.

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. Rhyno & Slater

9:05 – Braun Strowman comes out to a big ovation. Kevin Owens follows, as Strowman brags about dominating everyone at Money in the Bank. Owens says he wants to congratulate Strowman and offers him an an alliance in exchange for watching his back. Strowman shakes Owens’ hand, but he doesn’t let go. Owens escapes just before Strowman attacks him.

9:00 -Roode ends up beating Hawkins with the Glorious DDT in less than a minute. Hawkins’ losing streak continues uninterrupted.

Bobby Roode vs. Curt Hawkins

8:50 – Ziggler and McIntyre give a backstage interview about their win while Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring.

8:44Dolph Ziggler wins. He pins him for the win, and is now the Intercontinental Champion.

8:35 – Ziggler kicks Rollins in the gut immediately. Rollins gains momentum with a sling blade and a clothesline out of the ring. He nails a suicide dive and and a springboard forearm on Ziggler that nearly takes him out. Rollins catches in a crossbody and hits a bucklebomb, but he gets distrated by MacIntyre.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

8:28 – Seth Rollins comes out after the commercial break to talk about retaining the Intercontinental Title against Elias. He commends Elias for his skills before announcing that he’s inviting someone else to come and challenge him. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre both come out. Ziggler says he’ll accept Rollins’ challenge.

8:23 – Afterwards, Angle tells Rousey that she is suspended for 30 days.

8:10 – Bliss brags about her wins in the ladder and title matches, but the crowd starts to yell Ronda Rousey’s name. Rousey’s music suddenly hits and she marches to the ring. Angle stops her from reaching Bliss, however. Bliss taunts Rousey, knowing that Angle will protect her. Rousey manages to break free, though, and she hits Bliss several times before picking her up and powerbombing here through the table in the ring.

8:05 – Kurt Angle brings out Alexa Bliss to present her with the Raw women’s title, per Bliss’ request. Angle says that Jax isn’t present, but she wants a rematch at Extreme Rules.

8:02 – The opens with a quick recap of what happened at Money in the Bank 2018, including Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss winning the men and women’s ladder matches, respectively.