WATCH: Roy Keane & Ian Wright Arguing Over the World Cup Final

Roy Keane and Ian Wright got into a heated debate over England fans and their excitement about making it to the World Cup final. The former Manchester United captain and the Arsenal striker were talking in the wake of England’s 2-1 loss to Croatia in the World Cup semi final in Moscow. Croatia will go on to face France in the final on July 15.

Wright, who was alongside Gary Neville and Lee Dixon, so that’s two Arsenal legends v two Manchester United legends in the studio, went on to mock Keane’s thick Cork accent by repeating, “Final.”

Keane said, “Before the game, all the talk was about the final. The final and France. I made the point a few weeks ago, I know about bit tongue-in-cheek but you have to focus on one game and football’s coming home. I didn’t mind you being happy but you got carried away, planning the final and the parades. And I was right. You needed a reality check.” Wright told Keane, “We wasn’t talking about the final, we were just having a laugh with you. We were happy! Why can’t we get excited?”

Keane wasn’t giving it up saying, “Get excited when they get to the final! It was the semi-final, group matches. Take it one game as it comes. It is ridiculous, you are a grown man, you have played this game. You know how hard it is to get to these finals or even get to the World Cup. Relax yourself.”

Wright was the forced to take his positivity to Twitter:

There was a time not so long ago when Keane and Wright could have a civilized conversation about soccer: