11 Best Longboard Brands: The Ultimate List (2018)

best longboard brands

Santa Cruz, Landyachtz, Loaded, Sector 9, Atom, Surf One,

Hey there, fellow longboarding enthusiast. I take it you’re here to peep the best longboard brands. Well, I’ve got you covered.

To keep it short and sweet, Sector 9 is the best longboarding company out there. It reached this spot, thanks to its massive range of products for all riders, at a reasonable price…and awesome artwork.

If you’d like to skip ahead to the full list, feel free to do so. Or, stay with me, for a better understanding of how we choose the top longboard brands.

Ready, spaghetti? Let’s jump in to the criteria!

  • Price
  • Product range
  • Product types
  • Designs
  • Specialties

Right off the bat, it’s clear this is a straightforward list. But, a few need an explanation.

Best Longboard Companies Criteria

Price: Price is a given–how much do their decks, parts, and completes cost? Are you paying for the name, or getting some serious bang for your buck? (Keep in mind, price ranges are approximations – not set-in-stone)

Product Range: This refers to the physical number of products in their line. Are they kick butt at 3-5 things? Or, do they offer a wide variety?

Product Types: Similar in name to the range, product types focus on how their line performs. Some companies produce few that are laser-focused on one specific type of riding. Others produce a wide range. Where do they lie?

Designs: As much as people don’t want to admit it, graphics make a huge difference. Does this company save money on artwork, to up the parts quality? Or, do they go all out with a sweet design?

Specialties: Do they stand-out in one area? Or, is there something special about their product or production process? Specialties can make-or-break whether someone’s considered the “best”.

With these things in-mind, it’s easy to evaluate a longboarding business’s standing in the industry.

How Each Section’s Broken Down

Since we’ve covered the criteria for choosing the best longboard companies, it’s important to understand how the posts are broken down–it’ll make your skimming much easier.

All brands covered are split into the following sections:

  • Quick intro
  • Qualities we discussed above
  • History
  • Why they made the list

Pretty straightforward, right? You want to know who they are, what makes them awesome, where they came from, and why they’re on the list.

While history might seem a little lame, it’s an important facet to understanding any company’s roots, and why they function the way they do.

And since you’re already in on the criteria, too, it’s time to ask….

What are the best longboard brands?

1. Sector 9

best longboard brands

Sector 9

Pros: Cons:
  • Produce a massive range of products – for newbies & veterans alike
  • Artwork is out-of-this-world
  • Regardless of riding style, there’s a set-up for you
  • Only the highest-quality parts go into these babies
  • On the more-expensive-end-of-the-spectrum

Regardless of the industry, there are almost always a few companies that make it into the public eye.

In the world of longboarding, Sector 9’s really made a name for themselves–heck, my mom knew who they were before I purchase my first complete from them.

So, naturally, they needed to claim that first slot. Ready to dive in?

Sector 9 Review

Price Range: $100 – $265
Product Range: Many products, in variety of categories (decks, completes, parts, etc.)
Product Types: Span all types of riding
Designs: Tropical, eye-catching artwork
Specialties: Amazing designs for riders of every demographic

At first glance, it’s clear why Sector 9’s included in this guide: They’re freakin’ phenomenal.

Price-wise, they offer decks, parts, and completes in every price range. That means, you can walk in as a newbie, get a solid set-up without paying out the nose.

On the flip side, seasoned veterans have a variety of products to choose from, to satisfy their every riding needs. The best part? They often run sales, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you can really snag some savings.

Tying into the price range, their product range and type is nothing-short-of-impressive. With parts for every type of complete imaginable, they also offer loads of amazing completes.

In other words, beginners and veterans alike can benefit from Sector 9’s line–regardless of how you prefer to ride. Looking to downhill as a newbie? Check. Cruise as a 10-year rider? Do it.

Of course, just the fact that they sell high-performance longboarding equipment for riders of all-skill-levels, is awesome. But, there’s a way to take it up a notch: Artwork.

Ya really gotta hand it to the Sector 9 design team. Dudes know how to create some seriously awe-inspiring artwork…and it’s available on all of their decks.

Just because something doesn’t cost as much, or is on sale, doesn’t mean they skimped on the graphics. No, all Sector 9 longboards are decked out in a sweet design.

We’ve already touched on the company’s specialty a number of times: Sheer range. I can’t think of another longboard company that remotely touches Sector 9’s product line.

In other words, not only do they produce high-quality longboards with sick artwork, they do it well–and well for every single type of longboarder out there.

Truly unbeatable.

Sector 9’s History

What makes Sector 9 tick?

Founded in 1993, they’ve been spitting out some of the highest-quality longboards on the market, for 25-years.

Since then, they’ve only continued improving current designs and dreaming up brand new ones, for riders of every-skill-level, demographic, and preferred style of riding.

By working with only the highest-grade parts, they’ve produced some of the best individual parts and completes available.

Today, most Sector 9s are loaded up with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. Typically in silver or black, they’re commonly 9″ or 10″, either drop-through or top-mounted.

They’ve found that 89A double cone bushings are the best for their boards. They can be tightened or loosened, depending on what terrain you’re tackling.

Because wheels are one of the main drivers behind how a longboard rides, they vary deck-to-deck. Regardless of the durometer and size, though, all Sector 9 wheels are top-notch.

Inside the wheels, you’ll find that most decks are loaded with PDB ABEC 5 bearings. Some do have Abec 7 or 9, and even ceramic bearings. But, they’re all the right choice, for whatever you’re riding.

In all, there’s not one single shortfall regarding Sector 9’s production processes.

Why’d They Make the List?

At this point, it should be pretty obvious why Sector 9’s on here: They’re a beast-and-a-half, producing high-quality longboards, for riders of all demographics.

There really isn’t one rider who wouldn’t benefit from owning a longboard complete.

They’re reasonably price, for the quality you receive, and they’re covered with sweet designs.

You really can’t ask for anything more, of a longboarding company.

Buy a Sector 9 here.

2. Quest

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Incredible price for quality you receive
  • Riders of all-levels benefit from owning a Quest
  • Designs are head-turning & fun
  • Their completes cover riding of all kinds
  • While experts can ride a Quest, it may not be the best best choice
  • Can only purchase completes, not individual parts

Quest longboards are one of those companies you consistently see…but know absolutely nothing about. Well, let’s change that.

There’s a reason Quests are a part of my top skateboarding brands, too. Ready to see why?

Quest Review

Price Range: $30 – $90
Product Range: Medium-sized
Product Types: Mostly cruisers, some skateboards and mid-boards
Designs: Simple, but aesthetically-pleasing
Specialties: Quality for a low price

You might’ve just choked a little bit, when you saw Quest’s specs. I mean…longboards for around $30? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

No. They’re not. And that’s why they’re the shizz.

By constantly speaking to their customers, they’re able to improve upon their current line and future ones. After all–they are they people purchasing their longboards.

Since they’re so tapped-in to their customer-base, they don’t waste a single penny on unnecessary add-ons. In other words, their boards perform exactly as they should…which is better than you’d expect for the price.

While they have a relatively-small range of products (around a dozen), they’re constructed for riders of most skill-levels.

Side note: Their decks tend to be best for beginners and intermediate riders, looking to advance their skillset.

In any event, though, their line is fun for all riders…especially for the price. Even though their line’s small, they offer longboards, mid-boards, and skateboards.

And, each deck’s been fitted with an awesome design. While they don’t go crazy, they do slap on some sweet artwork, that’s eye-pleasing as heck.

If their specialty wasn’t already clear, I’ll just spell it out: They make incredibly high-quality longboards, for low-prices.

Anyone can benefit from a Quest longboard.

Quest’s History

Quest has always been one of those sleeper companies. If you’re in the sport, you know them, but don’t know about their awesomeness…until a buddy shows you.

Their ultimate goal is to increase excitement and find adventure, in whatever you do in life. Naturally, that means you need a longboard to fit this lifestyle.

By creating “do-it-all” cruisers, bombers, and other decks, they’ve combined the attitude and quality that longboarders have come to expect.

Unlike some of the other longboarding brands featured here, Quest doesn’t have a “general” set of parts. Instead, they outfit each complete with the best parts for performance–they don’t just throw whatever standards they have on-hand.

But, you can always count on those parts being high-quality, and the best choice for the set-up.

Decks are typically made with bamboo or maple. Don’t worry, though–Quest goes out of its way, to ensure their practices are eco-friendly.

Why’d They Make the List?

Bang for your buck.

There’s no other reason. Hands-down, without a doubt, they produce some of the highest-quality completes, for the lowest prices.

And, with a wide, yet compact lineup, they produce equipment for riders of every type.

Let a Quest Longboard, take you on life’s amazing adventure.

Want to check out their lineup? Give these Quest skateboards and longboards a look.

Buy a Quest here.

3. Atom

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Produce longboards for riders of any-skill-level
  • Decks range from regular, to all-terrain & electric
  • Artwork is awesome
  • Affordable longboards, with high-quality parts
  • Most decks are geared towards beginner/intermediate riders

Whether or not you’re new to the world of longboarding, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of our next company.

Atom’s been producing a solid line of equipment for a number of years. In fact, their Drop-Through deck takes the top spot in my guide to longboards.

With that in mind, let’s peep the awesomeness that is Atom.

Atom Review

Price Range: $75 – $700+
Product Range: Massive
Product Types: Longboards, All-terrain board, electric boards
Designs: Tons of eye-catching graphics
Specialties: Electric longboards

At first look, it’s clear why Atom’s such a stand-out company. I mean…electric longboards?! Hello??

They’re one of the few longboarding brands that offers both electric and regular deck-types. Most either focus on regulars or eboards–not both.

But, they also offer up a wide selection of all-terrain longboards, too. That means you’re not stuck trucking it down smooth streets. Instead, you can take it off-road, for some extreme terrain.

There’s not one single other skateboard or longboard brand that can boast this feat. Well, at least not one I’m aware of (please shoot me an email, if I’m incorrect!)

In any event, the fun doesn’t stop there. Rather, it skyrockets. Each of these types of longboards is available in a gigantic range of designs, prices, and cuts.

To say that Atom longboards give you one of the largest number of choices, would be a complete and utter understatement.

And, they’re constructed with all types of riders in mind. Love bombing hills? There’s an Atom for you. Beginner interested in carving? Hit ’em up. Park rat with cruising tendencies? You know it.

The list could go on-and-on, but you get the idea: Atom rules.

Atom’s History

Unlike some of the longboard companies on this list, Atom’s been around for a (relatively) short period of time: About a decade.

But, don’t let that short-existence fool you–they’ve been producing drool-worthy equipment from their inception.

When they originally formed, their ultimate goal was to provide customers with an incredible selection of longboards, at prices that don’t make you choke.

However, they didn’t stop there. Instead, they have the “bigger is better” mentality, which isn’t always ideal for the sake of business. Well, they hit the nail on the head with that thought process.

Instead of floundering in the number of choices, they consistently shine in almost every riding category, from downhill to cruisers, to varying sizes and skill-levels.

Though, if you had to pick one thing they’re tippy-top at, it’s definitely producing beginner longboards.

While many deck-sports companies use the same brand or brands for their parts, Atom’s vary significantly. This is 100% by design.

Think about it: What’s amazing on an extra-long downhill cruiser may not fly with an all-terrain mid-board. So, to ensure top-quality performance across-the-board, deviating from a standard set of parts is a must.

The only hang-up you might encounter when looking to buy a longboard from Atom, is deciding between all of the amazing graphics. Seriously–they’re freakin’ sweet.

Why’d They Make the List?

Sheer number of choices, spanning every category….for an affordable price.

While the majority of their line is geared towards longboards for beginners, they’re by no means the only crowd Atom caters to.

Instead, riders of all-skill-levels benefit from riding this longboard brand’s decks. From newbie-to-expert, you’ll have a blast.

And, they span pretty much every style of riding. Whether you prefer to cruise it on some smooth streets, or rip it up in the backcountry, there’s something for everyone.

One last thing: They produce electric longboards. ‘Nuff said.

Buy an Atom here.

4. Santa Cruz

best longboard brands

Santa Cruz

Pros: Cons:
  • All decks have amazing graphics
  • Produce skateboards, mid-boards & longboards – tackle any type of riding
  • Boards are available in completes & individual parts – ability to customize, too
  • Offer a wide variety of accessories & apparel, too
  • More expensive than some of the other brands
  • Doesn’t offer as wide a variety of products

Look, I’d be stupid not to include one of the longest-running skateboard brands on this list.

While they do share a similar name to the cannabis company, Santa Cruz Shredders, they are not one-in-the-same.

You ready to see what tricks they’ve got up their sleeves?

Santa Cruz Review

Price Range: $100 – $200
Product Range: Large
Product Types: Skateboards, Cruiser boards, other equipment
Designs: Super appealing
Specialties: Produce merchandise

Right off-the-bat, it’s clear that Santa Cruz skateboards and longboards cost a pretty penny. Most decks are mid-range, there are a few on the more-expensive end.

While they don’t have the largest selection on the planet, Santa Cruz offers a solid number of completes, in addition to individual parts.

Most of their decks are intended for cruising, but they have a number of short decks that’ll make taking on the park a whole new experience.

But, as you’d expect of the most OG longboard brand, is awesome old-school skateboards…and boy, do they deliver.

Since day 1, they’ve been producing exceedingly eye-catching, awesome graphics. Each line they produce features a different vibe in the graphic, so they don’t all feel the same.

And, they also manufacture a range of merchandise, from apparel, like hoodies, t-shirts, and hats, to backpacks, books, and more.

Santa Cruz’s History

Santa Cruz was founded in 1973, by NHS, Inc–the oldest continuous skate company in the world. Originally started because they love skateboarding, their vision’s never deviated.

At the time, their focus was solely skateboards.

Richard Novak, mastermind behind this skateboard brand, was contacted by a friend in Hawaii. His buddy wanted them to produce a whopping 500 skateboards.

Since that insane first order, they’ve never looked back. In fact, they moved forward at lightning speed, breaking barriers in the industry that people weren’t even aware of.

A year after opening, pro Anthony Roderick, approached the company, with a revolutionary idea: New wheels. At the time, wheels were made with metal or clay. Both of which, you could only guess how much they sucked.

Backed by Road Rider Wheels, they manufactured Roderick’s precision bearings and urethane wheels. With that, other wheels dropped off the market, practically overnight.

Unlike some of the other skate businesses on this list, Santa Cruz uses a variety of parts across their completes.

Many are outfitted with Slimeball and Road Rider wheels, but that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Truck-wise Road Riders and Krux are popular. Again, though, it varies deck-to-deck.

Ultimately, no matter what you Santa Cruz you purchase, you’re guaranteed to receive the best parts for your set-up.

Why’d They Make the List?

They’re the OGs.

No list of of longboard and skateboard brands would be complete, without Santa Cruz.

In the same breath, a crappy longboarding company wouldn’t stick around for decades–that’s why you know they’re at the top of the game.

Santa Cruz offers longboards and skateboards for riders of all-types, with stand-out designs, and high-quality parts.

Aside from the slightly-steep price, there’s no reason not to pick up a Santa Cruz.

Buy a Santa Cruz here.

5. Yocaher

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Amazing price for quality you receive
  • Hands-down, best longboard for beginners
  • Graphics are simple and clean
  • Decks are extremely stable
  • Bearings need replacing
  • Not built for advanced riders

If you speak another language, you realize the quirks of colloquialisms: Slang doesn’t always translate and words for sounds are different.

Expanding on the latter statement, in English we say “Achoo!” when writing out a sneeze. Spanish is Achís. “Yocaher” sounds like a really intense sneeze.

And if you think about it, riding a Yocaher’s like a really intense sneeze: An enjoyable moment that leaves you smiling, and feeling goooooood.

Anyone? Bueller? …..Bueller? Alright, well, I already knew I was a dork. Let’s get elbow-deep in this awesome longboarding brand.

Yocaher’s Review

Price Range: $50 – $105
Product Range: Pretty decent
Product Types: TONS of longboards, good number of skateboards, parts
Designs: Very simple and clean
Specialties: Cheap longboards for beginners

The first thing that should jump out at you is Yocaher’s price range.

The produce some cheap longboards–but only cheap money-wise. In terms of quality, they really knock it out-of-the-park.

Yocaher owes its extremely low prices to some good, ol’-fashioned market research. They constantly ask their riders what improvements they’d like to see, and take those comments into account.

What this does is fuse the innovation of their creative team, with the wants and desires of the people who buy their stuff. Catering to customers is their top-priority.

Of course, that vision would be nothing, without the use of high-quality parts. After all, a cheap longboard’s just that: A cheap longboard…if you outfit it with garbage.

Don’t worry, though–Yocahers are jam packed with top-notch parts, both in skateboards and longboards.

They also save money in the artwork department. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck purchasing blank boards or lame designs.

Instead, they choose to focus on simple, clean designs that don’t require a ton of thought or effort. In turn, they don’t need to pay their graphics team as much, and pass on those savings to you.

You’d think saving money would be their speciality–and I guess it could be considered, as much–but, they’re most well-known for producing beginner longboards.

While more advanced riders benefit from owning a Yocaher, by and large, their focus is newbies.

Yocaher’s History

Like many of the skate brands featured, Yocaher got their start back in the ’70s; 1975, to be specific.

At their inception, they realized a gaping whole in the skateboarding market: Workable, appropriate longboards.

So, they took what was currently available, and reengineered it into a true masterpiece: Sophistication reinvented for modern times.

As riders themselves, the founders recognized how dangerous deck sports could be. In turn, part of their vision was to create safe longboards for kids and adults alike.

By focusing on performance, they totally changed the skateboarding game. Giving riders flexibility, while remaining a compact size, were the basis for these changes.

Yocaher’s decks are typically made with a 9-ply Canadian maple, or bamboo. In combination with a low-center-of-gravity, riders feel balanced, from the second they step on the board.

Despite the fact the trucks aren’t anything fancy, they provide high-performance, while keeping costs low. They tend to be wider, which also helps reduce wheel bite.

Speaking of wheels, most Yocahers are outfitted with a common longboard wheel: 70mm 78A. In other words, they’re soft wheels that can tackle most surfaces.

When it comes to cheap longboards, bearings are always the first thing to fall short. Yocaher’s no exception, coming in at an ABEC 3 or 5. Luckily, you can replace them with some Reds, for vastly improved performance.

Aside from that small bearing hiccup, there’s no doubt in my mind, a Yocaher’s a beginner’s best bet.

Why’d They Make the List?

Cheap longboards for beginners.

There’s literally no other explanation. No matter what you’re getting into, dropping a ton of money up front downright sucks. On top of that, you don’t even know if you’ll enjoy yourself!

That’s why affordable longboard equipment for newbies is a must. If Yocaher didn’t excel at it, another company would snatch up that marketshare, and they’d be featured instead.

Nobody likes paying a lot for something–especially beginners. And, newbies are an important part of growing any sport’s popularity.

So, Yocaher’s sheer excellence in high-quality longboards for beginners propels it into a prominent position on this list.

Buy a Yocaher here.

6. Surf One

best longboard brands

Surf One

Pros: Cons:
  • All boards are backed by delamination & manufacturer’s defect guarantee
  • Epitomizes the coastal California vibe – can be seen in graphics
  • Outfitted with the highest-quality parts possible
  • Wheels are super smooth – take on most terrain with confidence
  • Smaller range of products
  • More expensive than other longboards

I really couldn’t tell you why, but every time I see the name of this next company, it makes me think of Crush, the surfer turtle bro from Finding Nemo.

In any event, even though Surf One sounds like it should be H2O-focused, get ready to see why it’s not.

Surf One Review

Price Range: $100 – $200
Product Range: Relatively small
Product Types: Mid-boards and longboards, in classic & old-school shapes
Designs: Eye-catching, wood-grain-treated graphics
Specialties: A true “surf-like” feel

Surf One immediately stands out amongst the competition.

Like Santa Cruz, their completes cost more than some of the more budget-friendly options. But, they do run sales from time-to-time, so you can snag some savings that way.

They also differ from their competitors in their product range. In terms of numbers, they produce few. But, don’t let that fool you–their quality’s out-of-this-world.

Within those products, they manufacture a variety of them, mostly focusing on mid-boards and longboards.

Their design team tends to lean on striking, clean designs, leaning into a darker color palette. Not all have that heavier hue, but the vast majority do.

Now, where Surf Ones really stand out, is their performance. It’s clear anything on this list has quality parts–duh, it’s a list of the best.

But, they don’t ride like just any high-quality longboard. No–they set a goal to manufacture the best of the best longboards…and they shattered even their own expectations.

You know a company truly believes in what they do, when they stand by their product. Well, Surf One takes it up a notch, with a guarantee against both manufacturer’s defects and delamination, for the life of their products.

Surf One’s History

One of the newer skate brands on this list, they were established in 2001, based out of Santa Barbara, California.

Like a number of other companies, they weren’t a standalone business. Instead, they’ve been a longtime Powell-Peralta subsidiary. Nowadays, it falls under the SkateOne name.

At the turn of the millennium, longboarding was still a (somewhat) new sport, in terms of widespread populairty. The geniuses at Powell-Peralta recognized this opportunity, and capitalized on it.

With the intention of creating only the best longboards, they set out on one of the most successful longboard journeys, of our time.

After gathering the genius and expertise of many, they produce a line of boards that truly encompass that coastal California culture, with artwork to match.

But, their boards would simply be pieces of decoration, if they weren’t outfitted with top-notch parts. Naturally, they went over-the-top, to find what they were looking for.

Surf Ones wheels are manufactured with their all-terrain formula. So, you can take on any bumps, cracks, and ditches, with pure confidence.

Inside the wheels, you’ll find bearings that are crafted with hardened chromium steel. To make cleaning easier, they’re also fit with removable rubber shields.

Next up’s the trucks. They’re backed by a guarantee for life. Whether you’re taking tight turns, riding at high speed, or love that extra-stable feeling, Surf One trucks will do right by you.

All that, and backed by a guarantee? Sign me up!

Why’d They Make the List?

They put their money where their mouth is.

Every single board is backed by a lifetime guarantee against delamination and manufacturer’s defects–a promise you’ll see few companies make.

Because of their original lofty goals, they’ve been able to continue shattering expectations across the industry.

While they may offer a smaller selection of products, what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

And, their designs offer a more classic, laid back vibe; a change of pace, from other brands.

Surfing’s the true basis of this sport. Why not ride a complete that honors it?

Buy a Surf One here.

7. Arbor

best longboard brands

Arbor Collective

Pros: Cons:
  • Extremely environmentally conscious – paired with multiple sustainability initiatives
  • Graphics are bright, but clean
  • Produce boards for all-skill-levels & all types of riding – also fantastic snowboard brand
  • Outfitted with top-notch parts
  • More expensive than other longboards

The vast majority of skateboard brands on this list are focused on just that: Skateboards and longboards.

But, there’s another deck sport we all know and love: Snowboarding.

With so many similarities between the two, you’d expect someone to bridge the gap between them. Well, your expectations would be correct.

Arbor’s the brand you’re after.

Arbor Review

Price Range: $100 – $220
Product Range: Large
Product Types: All types of riding
Designs: Clean & simple
Specialties: Sustainability

Peepin’ Arbor’s qualities, a few things are immediately obvious.

First, their completes tend to be a bit more expensive. But, that’s ok–with an increase in price, there’s a huge leap in quality.

Arbor’s known for producing top-notch skate equipment, in a massive range of types and uses. Some companies only have a single design for a given deck-type–not Arbor.

In addition to a cushy selection of types, their boards are geared towards a wide variety of riding. Whether you prefer cruising, downhill bombing, or freeriding, there’s definitely an Arbor for you.

From beginners to advanced riders, there isn’t a single skill-level that’s left out in their lineup.

What’s more, is the sheer number of products available, lays grounds for an incredible selection of graphics. Their team tends to focus on bright, clean looks, which often draw compliments, from riders and non-riders alike.

Where they really stand out, though, is in their sustainability practices. In fact, environmental-friendliness is their top-priority.

In everything they do, they work to find a way that increases a product’s performance, while reducing socio-, ecological-, or economic-harm.

Arbor’s History

Located in Venice, California, Arbor Collective’s been a powerhouse, since 1995.

From the first day they opened shop, their number 1 goal has been sustainability, in conjunction with reduction in environmental impacts.

Unfortunately, the skateboard and longboard worlds are notorious for producing harmful waste. Arbor’s actively fighting this practice, each and every day.

In fact, they have two main programs, to further these ideologies: Sucrose Initiative and Returning Roots.

Sucrose Initiative works to specifically reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Its name is derived from their formulas, where they’re “made in part using sugar-based alternatives”.

Returning Roots does, well, exactly what it sounds like. It helps Arbor remember where the whole deck-sports industry came from: Hawaiian surfers.

Classic surfboards are made with Koa wood, and this initiative provides donations to those forests. Moreover, the program aids in finding sustainable materials.

These material tend to be hard maple and bamboo, which are featured in their decks. Their decks are suitable for riding styles, ranging from dancing, to freestyle, freeriding, and cruising.

Most decks are outfitted and sold as completes, but you can purchase individual parts.

Wheels, trucks, and bearings vary across Arbor boards, to best suit a certain style of riding. Regardless of what’s included, though, you’re only riding the best of the best.

Why’d They Make the List?

Two reasons: Sustainability efforts, and transitioning from snow sports.

Constantly improving any company’s environmental impact is cause for celebration. But, Arbor’s focus is so laser-focused, they’ve partnered with a number of programs.

Moreover, they work to decrease their carbon footprint, while only sourcing material from sustainable resources–not many other skate brands remotely touch these actions.

As for snow sports, translating a well-built snowboard to a well-built longboard–and vice-versa–is no easy feat. But, Arbor’s done it seamlessly.

There’s a reason they’re also included in my top snowboarding brands, too.

An Arbor’ll make you grin–guaranteed.

Buy an Arbor here.

8. Globe

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Produce equipment in wide price range – something for everyone’s budget
  • While skate equipment is top-notch, they really shine in footwear
  • Designs are bright and head-turning
  • Choose from completes & individual parts
  • While they offer cheap options, some are still quite costly

There are some longboard brands that are known for producing a certain type of equipment. That could be decks, or wheels, to safety pieces, and apparel.

Globe’s one of those companies. Known for pumping out top-rated skate shoes year-in and year-out, they’re also the masterminds behind some pretty awesome completes.

Globe Review

Price Range: $45 – $230
Product Range: Medium
Product Types: Extremely varied
Designs: Bright, recognizable characters
Specialties: Shoes

You might be scratching your head at that price range–it’s freakin’ huge.

While most skate companies stick to a certain pricing demographic, Globe steps outside-the-norm, to cater to a wider host of consumers.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap longboard, or want to go all-to-the-wall, Globe’s got you covered.

Their selection of longboards isn’t gigantic, but it spans a huge spectrum of sizes, cuts, designs, and riding types.

Plus, their skateboard collection will make your head turn, too. Both skateboards and longboards exhibit super fun designs, many of which are instantly recognizable, like the Sesame Street decks.

And, you have the ability to purchase individual parts and completes. That means, you can truly customize your riding experience.

But, where Globe really takes the cake is their shoe department. Nowadays, skate shoes are a dime-a-dozen–many look cool, but don’t hold up well.

Globe realized everyones footwear gets ripped to sh*t, thanks to grip tape. Thus, your skateboarding experience suffers, when your shoes are ruined.

They stepped in, as one of the best skate shoe producers on the market, offering tons of colors, cuts, and sizes, for a price that won’t make you want to throw up and die.

Slide on a pair of their shoes, step on a Globe deck, and you’re in for a deadly combination of fun.

Globe’s History

The vast majority of skate brands featured on this list, originally came out of California. It kind of makes sense, given their proximity to the ocean, and thus, surfing.

But as cool as California is, they’re not the be-all, end-all. Instead, there’s this little (erm….actually really big) place, called Australia.

At the turn of the ’80s, skateboarding was skyrocketing in popularity, and Globe jumped on board. Starting out with longboards, they soon expanded into skateboards, and eventually apparel–and that amazing footwear.

By offering skaters the whole package, they made a name for themselves as complete outfitters for skateboarding.

Thanks to these design successes, they decided to tackle one of the most well-loved, yet under-designed skateboards out there: Penny boards.

Penny boards are a colloquial term for mini skateboards with cruiser trucks and wheels. They’re compact and lightweight, and provide a totally different kind of transportation.

In fact, Globe’s version is comparable to an actual Penny Board, in terms of quality and price. Both are phenomenal, and both slide right into a skate backpack.

You’ll find similar-quality parts in all of their other set-ups, too.

Wheels typically range from 78A – 83A durometer, measuring 60mm – 70mm. Slant reverse kingpins and Tensors are what you’ll generally find, truck-wise.

While the parts vary board-to-board, this is a necessary choice, to make each complete perform up to its full-potential.

Why’d They Make the List?

Their range.

Unlike most other skate brands, Globe offers longboard equipment in prices that suit most people’s needs. Other companies, tend to stick to a single price range.

Moreover, their product line spans loads of different styles of riding, as well as skill-levels. So, they don’t pigeon-hole themselves in that capacity, either.

With top-notch parts, and head-turning designs, it’s hard to say no to a Globe.

Throw on a pair of their shoes, though, and wowwieeeeeeeee–you might leave the store with 3 pairs!

Buy a Globe here.

9. Loaded

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • For the price, you’re receiving an incredible longboard
  • Outfitted with fantastic parts
  • Built specifically for cruising, freestyling & dancing
  • Deck is lightweight & hard-to-chip
  • VERY expensive
  • Not ideal for downhill or freeriding
  • Bushings suck – replace them

Locked and loaded. Loaded and ready to go. Loaded to-the-brim. Loaded with moolah…keep that last one in mind.

Ok, you get the point–the next skate brand we’re reviewing is Loaded.

Loaded Review

Price Range: $289 – $486
Product Range: Semi-small
Product Types: Cruiser, Freestyle, Dance
Designs: Clean geometric designs
Specialties: Sustainability with passion

Yeah. I know. The price. That’s why I said keep that cash monayyyyy in mind.

But I swear, they’re worth every freakin’ penny.

Aside from the gasp-inducing cost of completes (decks are slightly-less-shock-worthy, starting at $170), their small range of products is apparent.

Like Quest, they choose to focus their energies into a hand-picked group of longboards…and making them insane.

We’ll get into their more technical aspects in a second, but let’s talk about the type of riding Loadeds cater to. Quite a change from other skate companies, right?

Cruiser boards are generally seen across-the-board. But, you don’t tend to see longboard brands that focus on the more “artistic” types of riding, especially dance.

If you’re unfamiliar with this style, peep this guide to longboard dancing.

Most other lines focus on downhill and/or freeriding, have freestyle boards occasionally peppered in, and dance boards once-in-a-blue-moon.

Loaded also brings to the table a unique take on graphics. While a good number of other brands feature these types of designs, they stand out owing to their almost “scientific” feel.

That’s not quite the right word, but they definitely exude an entirely different vibe–in the best way possible. Moreover, the tops feature artwork, as well.

With the cost of their product, you better expect a sustainability focus. In everything they do, they ensure it’s done in an environmentally conscious capacity.

That’s not the only thing, though. They took that consciousness, and ran with it, pairing up with a number of charities:

  • Longboarding for Peace
  • Stoked
  • Boarding for Breast Cancer

Ultimately, Loaded’s looking to unload their passion in their longboards, and help some homies out along the way.

Loaded’s History

To say Loaded had a rocky start would be a vast understatement.

Originally launched in the mid-’90s, they worked to recreate snowboarding and surfing feelings on land. To do so, they scrapped old parts, like Krpyto Classics, Bones Hardcore wheels, and any new trucks they could find.

From they, they slapped them on an old piece of wood or snowboard. In other words, they were rocking some truly homemade longboards.

After a number of years, they decided to form an actual company in 2000. Two-years-later in June 2002, they finally perfected and released their first model, The Vanguard.

This unique background formed one of the most tight-knit group of employees and vendors out there. Loaded’s dedication to staying true-to-their vision of creating growth in the sport, through passion, has carved a path towards that expansion.

Thanks to everyone’s common passion of the sport, ideating and creating new, never-before-seen concepts is a breeze. It’s pretty hard not to, when you’re coming from old snowboards with even older skate equipment.

As we saw in the price, these ideas aren’t cheap. The majority of Loaded decks are made with bamboo and fiberglass, for durability, while maintaining a light weight.

In terms of the decks themselves, they’re available in a variety of concaves, flex, and rockers. Plus, you can choose from top-mount and drop-throughs.

Flip it over, and you’ll see the trucks, which are generally Paris V2s or Calibers. Both of these are ideal for carving, cruising, and transportation.

Next up are the wheels. Completes also come with a variety of them, depending on what best suits the board, like Stimulus and Icarus wheels.

The bearings are a step-up, too. They’re precision bearings, like Mini Logos, instead of generic ones that need to be replaced off-the-bat.

In the end, though, this combination spells out buttah under-the-feet.

Why’d They Make the List?

They’re the epitome of luxury.

If you’ve got a little extra scratch to spend, you’d do exceedingly well with purchasing a Loaded.

Yes, they cost a lot. But for their price, the upgrades are absolutely worth it. The lightweight, extremely-hard-to-chip deck alone is a game changer.

While you might not want to get one of these babies as a beginner, expert freestylers, you’ve finally met your match.

Buy a Loaded here.

10. Landyachtz

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Absolutely massive selection
  • Geared towards downhill & freeriding, but there are tons of cruisers & minis, too
  • Completes come with excellent-quality parts – bushings don’t need replacement out-the-box
  • Tons of amazing designs – pair with artists, for artist series
  • Some of their completes can get pretty expensive
  • Large selection may feel intimidating

Ah, Landyachtz, the most pretentious-sounding of all longboard brands.

But, if you’ve ever actually ridden one of these puppies, well, you’ll understand that conceited name.

Landyachtz Review

Price Range: $115 – $249
Product Range: Obscenely large
Product Types: All riding types
Designs: Aesthetically-pleasing, vary line-to-line
Specialties: Sustainability

Ok, so when I say there are a frickin’ ridiculous amount of Landyachtz available, I mean that in the nicest way possible.

It’s actually kind of mind-blowing how many different lines they have….and how many of them where they just knock-it-out-of-the-park. Some serious longboarding magic going on over there.

With such a large selection of products, it’s safe to assume (I know blah blah you, me, I got it) that any rider would feel comfortable on a Landyachtz. And you’d be correct.

While they do tend to focus on cruisers, downhill, and freeride, they have a healthy selection of minis, hybrids, and even a snow skate.

Even more, their line varies significantly, in terms of price. So, you can go all-out and snag an expensive complete, or go more budget-friendly, on the other-end-of-the-spectrum.

On top of that, if you’re picky about artwork, my dude, you’re going to be in heaven. Landyachtz’s graphics team is, well, phenomenal would be an understatement.

Whatever style you prefer, there’re a good number of designs to choose from. At Landyachtz, they value an artist’s skill, which is why they pair up with various ones, to release their artist series.

Despite their impressive selection, what makes them stand out is their sustainability efforts.

Yes, Arbor and Loaded do the same, but these guys have a different approach. Naturally, they’ve paired with a couple of organizations.

But, with every board they make and sell, they plant a tree. Every. Single. One. Sustainability truly at its finest.

Landyachtz’s History

Like Globe, Landyachtz got its start outside of the United States.

In the basement of the Blackcomb Ski Club during ’98, two friends concocted the idea that became known as Landyachtz. Now located in East Vancouver and LA County, they have a number of other smaller spaces, too.

Their original vision was to make high-quality skateboards that improves your life. Because when skateboarding’s better, your life gets better.

Constantly innovating, even their headquarters is constantly engaged in a DIY mindset. Owing to this, they’ve made some big breakthroughs in the market.

All boards are outfitted with some sick equipment. While it varies model-to-model, each one has parts specifically chosen for its riding type.

Pretty much across the board, though, you’ll find the same bearings. Called “Space Ball”, they’re built-in, which removes the worry of losing spacers or speed rings.

They’re an ABEC 7, which isn’t the best, but they’re certainly a solid set of basics. Upgrade them, if you’re so inclined.

As for the decks themselves, though, they’re typically made with a mixture of material, like bamboo, fiber glass, carbon fiber, maple, and foam. Different combinations produce a variety of flexes, feel, and stability.

Why’d They Make the List?

Their sheer selection.

Not only does their line vary in riding style, but also in quantity, board shape, and design. If you can think of it, it probably exists as a Landyachtz.

On top of that, their completes range from affordable-to-semi-luxury. That means they’re not pricing out customers.

While their large inventory may seem daunting, it’s ultimately a win for you as a rider.

You’ll find what you want in a Landyachtz.

Buy a Landyachtz here.

11. Inboard

best longboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • The best electric longboard on the market
  • Has changeable batteries, for seriously increased range
  • In-wheel motor removes drive belts, for increased performance
  • Frequent firmware updates up the board’s abilities
  • VERY expensive

Inboard? You might be scratching your head at that one–even you super knowledgable longboarding people.

Inboard’s a newcomer to town, and they’ve changed the game entirely: Electric longboards.

Inboard Review

Price Range: $999
Product Range: 1
Product Types: 1
Designs: Minmalistic
Specialties: Electric longboard

So, electric longboarding isn’t exactly a new concept. It’s been around for a number of years.

But, as you’d expect with a unit powered by a battery, a host of problems arose from those first pioneering the technology.

Well, the team over at Inboard recognized these issues, and directly tackled them head-on. Range and charge are by far the biggest obstacles.

What’d they do? Make the batteries removable.

Yep. No more crossing your fingers, in hopes you’ll make it home. With a replacement in-hand, you’re always covered.

The company produces just one model and one style of longboard: The M1.

Because they focus 100% of their efforts into it, they’ve taken something that’s cool in concept but not practical, to a reliable form of transportation, in even the most populated urban areas.

Inboard’s History

Owing to the extreme newness of electric longboards, this company’s history is rather short.

Established in 2014 by Theo Cerboneschi and Ryan Evans, they took Theo’s college dream of zooming around campus, and brought it to life.

Both men are avid skateboarders, and technology geeks–the perfect storm to create a software-enabled, rugged skateboard.

While this vision seems like a glorified toy, it’s actually an effective mode of transport, in pollution-laden, high-density populations.

What sets the M1 apart from its competitors (aside from the changeable battery pack), is the fact that it boasts in-wheel motors.

In other words, there are no belts, which are another headache for manufacturers.

And because it’s electronic, it has the ability to upgrade firmware. Basically, Inboard’s constantly updating the board’s capabilities, and literally passing them along to you.

Why’d They Make the List?

They’re the best electric longboard. No doubt about it.

Electric longboarding is a category of riding in and of itself. But, it does rely on the same basic methods and equipment as a regular longboard.

Thanks to its unique features, it’s solved a number of common issues in other models. The ability to switch out a battery alone, is cause for serious celebration.

An electric longboard is an investment. It’s the right investment with an Inboard.

Buy an Inboard here.

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