11 Best Longboards: Compare & Save (2018)

best longboards


You’re here to get the down low on the best longboards. And trust me, I’m just as frustrated as you are with the lack of decent longboard reviews.

That’s why I’m going to keep it short: I’ve determined the best longboard is the Penny Longboard. It’s affordable and ridiculously fun to ride, and takes on wet surfaces like a champ.

Skip ahead to the actual list. Or stay with me, while we dive into our process in determining what makes a longboard “the best”.

These are the top factors:

  • Price
  • Skill-level
  • Looks
  • Quality & materials

Pretty straightforward, right? Just like you guys, I want to spend money on stuff that not only works, but works well.

The research that’s gone into this piece is extensive. I hate buying something, only to just sort of enjoy it. So, have no fear–you’ll find no garbage longboards here!

I know. Cheesy. But we’re ultimately in the same boat: In search of where to buy the best longboards, and what makes them truly stand out.

For a more in-depth look, peep this nifty guide to choosing a longboard.

So, it’s time to ask the question

What are the best longboards?

1. Atom Drop Through – $95.71

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Built with beginners in mind
  • Fantastic price for quality
  • Wheels are super grippy & smooth
  • Deck’s flexible, but still stable at high-speeds – for riders up-to-280-pounds
  • Trucks immediately show wear & tear
  • Bushings are ABEC 3 – upgrade them for a better ride

While there are generally more well-known skateboard brands than longboard ones, there are still a number of widely-recognized companies.

Atom is definitely one of those longboard brands. They produce tons of awesome equipment, including electric longboards.

So, it’s no shock their Drop Through board made the list.

Atom Drop Through Review

As far as boards go, this bad boy’s definitely an ultra-low-rider. In turn, this provides maximum stability. Thus, downhill carving is its speciality.

Pushing is super easy, which reduces the wear-and-tear you encounter when riding around town.

When it comes to the deck, it’s made with a full-maple laminate deck. Even though it’s relatively flexible, it still feels sturdy going downhill.

Where this Atom longboard really shines, though, is in the wheels. They’re very grippy, and hug the road at fast speeds. Plus, they can take on almost any terrain–even a bit of grass.

Cruising around is super smooth and comfortable, even for long-distances.

Who’s This Longboard for?

In one word: Beginners.

This is by far one of the best beginner longboards out there. It’s a fantastic, stable deck that’s easy to ride right out-the-box.

Easily add upgrades, like the current ABEC 3 bearings to a better set, to make the board even better.

Design’s important, of course, and this Atom board hits the nail on-the-head.

It’s truly built for beginners of all-types–for riders up-to-280-pounds.

Whether you’re learning to carve or just stepping onto a longboard for the first time, the Atom Drop Through is an amazing choice.

Buy an Atom Drop Through here.

2. Penny Skateboards Longboard – $99.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Super durable, stiff board – plastic, so it can be ridden when wet
  • ABEC 9 bearings & 69mm 83A wheels – Picks up speed fast
  • Amazing for beginners & seasoned riders
  • Excellent price for quality – lasts for years
  • Doesn’t ride well on anything other than smooth pavement
  • May get going too quickly for some

Penny Skateboards are just one of those companies you have to love. They were built out of a passion for mini cruisers, and revolutionized the longboarding industry.

With such clout, it’s easy to see why they’re on my list of the best longboard brands.

So, let’s take a look at why their “official” longboard made the list.

Penny Skateboard Longboard Review

Bit of a mouthful, right? While their entire lineup is considered cruisers, they do have a specific longboard model.

It rolls in at 36″, which is a bit shorter than most other decks. But, that difference in length doesn’t affect the easiness and awesomeness of the ride.

The board’s made with a reengineered plastic, as opposed to the typical use of wood. Changing the material provides a stiff-flex, and strong ride.

Moreover, the board itself has a bit of a curve. Rather than grip tape, the top features a fishnet-pattern for traction. (You can add grip tape, but it doesn’t arrive pre-taped).

As for the wheels, they’re 69mm 83A wheels. In other words, stick to well-paved roads, and you’ll be golden.

In combination with these awesome wheels, the ABEC 9 V-Channel bearings boost the smoothness of the ride. Even though the wheels have low-durometer (durometer measures hardness), this baby gains speed fast.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Just about anyone with a desire to longboard–including kids.

Because of the way its constructed, it provides a fun, stable ride for all-skill-levels. The classic pintail shape just can’t-be-beat.

Little tidbit: You can ride this baby in the water. Unlike its bamboo counterparts, you won’t ruin this deck in the rain.

And, it’s at a price-point that won’t break the bank, especially given the fact that it can take quite the beating.

When you’re buying a Penny Longboard, you’re buying into years-worth of fun.

Buy a Penny Skateboards Longboard here.

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3. Sector 9 Lookout II – $169.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Built for riders of all-skill-levels
  • 5-ply bamboo drop-thru deck is super stable
  • Bombs down the hill without speed wobbles, carves without rubbing wheels
  • Differences in terrain are no issue – wheels are amazing shock absorbers
  • Can’t turn sharply, even on even ground

Above, we saw a longboard brand that’s pretty well-known: Atom. But, there’s no doubt that Sector 9 is in the top 2 most recognizable longboard brands.

You can walk into just about any skate shop and find a Sector 9 on the shelf. Across the board (pun fully intended), they’re a high-quality ride, that’ll last for years.

That’s why the Lookout II made our list of the best longboards.

Sector 9 Lookout Review

This bad boy features a drop-through shape. Compared to pintail decks, drop-throughs are closer to the ground, so balancing is easier.

That stability is carried over to downhill riding, thanks to a slightly longer length, than other similar longboards.

My brother owns this longboard. I’ve had the chance to ride the Lookout II on many occasions, and it still remains one of my favorite set-ups that I don’t personally own.

Bumps, cracks, and rocks are no matter, for this 5-ply, vertically-coated 100% bamboo deck. It absorbs those differences in the surface, owing to its slight flexiness.

With Gullwing Charger trucks, you’re guaranteed to travel in a straight line. Should you be interested in downhill racing, you’re golden.

Bombing down a hill also relies on ABEC 5 bearings, 74mm 78a 2/3 Nineball wheels, and one-inch low pro steel bolts. In tandem with tight trucks, they eliminate any speed wobbles.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Riders of all-skill-levels. The transition from beginner-to-expert is smooth in this deck.

Because of its shape and construction, it’s the perfect choice for newbies. In the same breath, that same shape and construction are what make it ideal for advanced riders.

Some of the more common longboard problems, like the deck rubbing the wheels or speed wobbles, are solved with this baby.

Ultimately, you know you’re purchasing a high-quality longboard with a Sector 9, hands-down, no questions asked.

Now ask yourself: Are you ready to pull the trigger on one of the best longboard rides of your life?

Buy a Sector 9 Lookout II here.

4. Quest Super Cruiser – $76.94

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Great for beginners & advanced riders
  • Fantastic price – quality is amazing
  • Deck’s stable & stiff – hardwood maple & bamboo
  • Kicking is super easy
  • May be longer than desired

Again, we’re running into another longboard company on our list of the top skateboard brands. Quest is known for taking their customers’ comments into account.

And, boy, does that make them stand out. Since they’re listening to the people who are purchasing their product, they’re blowing the competition out of the water.

Let’s dive into why the Quest Super Cruiser made the list.

Quest Super Cruiser Review

One of the first things you’ll notice about this complete longboard, is its length. It clocks in at a whopping 44″.

(This size is great for stability, but may be too long for those under-5’6. If that’s your concern, check out the Quest Rorshack).

The deck itself is constructed with a mix of artisan bamboo and hardwood maple, with the maple being visually dominant. This combination makes for a pretty stiff deck, that bends only slightly when you stand on it.

You benefit from this less-flexible deck in that it’s more durable, and less-susceptible to cracks. On the flip side, though, that stiffness makes it difficult to really feel the board.

Now, this combination does have one downside: Its weight. It comes in at a hefty 10-pounds–not exactly lightweight. But, why would you carry it, when you could be riding?

As for the trucks, they’re nothing fancy, just a set of standard 7″. But, they function well, and provide smooth turning, with a low-turning-radius.

Decked out with 70mm polyurethane wheels, you’ll maintain a smooth, vibration-free ride on any almost type of road.

Kicking is a breeze. The Super Cruiser’s parts work in tandem to provide a firm base, for a solid push. In turn each kick allows you to go further, and reduce your energy output.

Who’s This Longboard for?

While this longboard is an amazing choice for beginners, it’s also enticing to more-advanced riders.

With its serious carving abilities, ease of taking hard turns, and its competency on hills, seasoned longboarders love this board.

I mean, with how well it performs and it’s price (seriously, under-$60?!), you’re hard-pressed to find a more impressive set-up.

In any event, the Quest Super Cruiser is by far one of the best longboards out there. Period.

But, it’s not the only one of its kind. Be sure to check out the rest of the best Quest longboards.

Buy a Quest Super Cruiser here.

5. VOLADOR 42″ Freeride Longboard – $59.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • AMAZING price for quality
  • Deck’s 8-ply maple – very stiff, can tackle almost any terrain
  • Very solid, stable ride
  • Takes turns like a champ
  • It’s still a cheap longboard – you can only inject so much quality
  • Board is relatively large – can be cumbersome

When you’re looking at cheap longboards, you want to consider the fact that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily refer to quality.

In fact, there are a number of skateboard companies that focus solely on the affordable longboard category. To them, “cheap” simply means “inexpensive”.

Volador is one of those longboard brands, and their 42″ Freeride longboard is an amazing choice.

Volador 42″ Freeride Longboard Review

Before we go any further, can we just focus on the price for a sec? Seriously? Not just an amazing longboard under-$100, but an amazing longboard under-$60. Simply incredible.

Ok, now that’s out of my system, we need to talk about how well it rides. As a drop-through deck, it provides a solid level of stability.

Because of its lower deck height, kicking is a cinch. Each time you push, you’ll continue moving, for much longer than you’d expect.

As for the deck’s construction, it’s made with 8-ply natural hardrock maple; a stiff build. Taking on bumps and cracks in the road are no problem.

The wheels are 70mm 78A PU wheels, and have rounded-off edges. They’re the basis for a super smooth, low-resistance ride.

For the price, you’d never guess the bearings. Go ahead, try. Freakin’ ABEC 9 bearings, my friend. Ho-ly crap. That’s luxurious for a $60 longboard.

The 7″ aluminum trucks are a reasonable quality, given the price. In tandem, these parts work to allow you to take turns with ease, and provides a very impressive turning radius.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Anyone rider up-to-250-pounds who wants a cheap complete longboard. Seriously.

While advanced riders could certainly choose a better, more-expensive set-up, the Volador is unbeatable for the price.

Since turning’s so easy, using this at a beginner longboard is also a viable option. The stiffness allows you to tackle rough terrain, with confidence.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a solid, inexpensive complete longboard, then a Volador is in your future.

Also available in: 10 other designs, including planets, koi fish, and a feather.

Buy the VOLADOR 42″ Freeride Longboard here.

6. Sector 9 Fractal Longboard – $173.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Has drop-thru trucks – prevent speed wobbles, very stable
  • Nose & tail cutouts prevent wheel bite
  • Despite 36″ length, it rides like a longer deck – turns like a short one
  • Fantastic for all riders – cruising’s fun for any skill-level

Sector 9’s back for round 2. These guys just truly know how to produce incredible decks and completes.

This time, we’re diving into their Fractal model.

Sector 9 Fractal Review

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the deck, is its absolutely incredible design. In fact, you’ll probably draw the eye of strangers, too, and rake in a few compliments.

As for the shape, it’s a classic pintail. It’s constructed with an 8-ply maple, which provides a slight bit of flex, but nothing super noticeable. Measures 36″-long and 9″-wide.

You might be scratching your head–it doesn’t look like a typical pintail. And, you’re correct: It has cutouts at the front and back.

This prevents wheel bite. A nasty occurrence, wheel bite is when the wheel touches the deck, while in-motion, particularly during sharp turns.

Let’s talk about those drop-through trucks. More specifically, they’re 9″ Gullwing Sidewinder IIs. This type of truck is amazing at providing stability, at high-speeds. Say goodbye to speed wobbles.

The wheels are primo Sector 9 models, with 78A hardness, measuring 69mm.

If you wanted to buy these parts separate from the board, they’d run you around $50–they’re seriously quality.

Loaded with ABEC 5 bearings, they’ll do the trick, but they’re not the best out there. Upgrade them for under-$20, to really make your ride smooth.

In combination, these parts work to create what rides like a longer board, but actually turns like a shorter one. As a general rule of thumb, short boards tend to make tighter turns, and long boards can typically bomb it.

Given its size, you wouldn’t expect it to have an excellent turning radius. But, you’d be wrong. It can take on pretty much any corner you throw at it, all while maintaining stability.

Who’s This Longboard for?

While it’s billed as one of the best beginner longboards, it’s nonetheless a magnificent choice to more-advanced riders.

At some point, cruising’s cruising, regardless of your skill-level. And the Fractal excels in both the cruising and commuting categories. Like, practically surfing on land.

The Fractal shows you a side of longboarding you never even knew existed. A truly magical experience.

Buy the Sector 9 Fractal Longboard here.

7. Arbor Axis Longboard – $149.95

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Carves like a dream – very similar to a snowboard
  • Board is exceedingly smooth, even at high-speeds
  • Perfectly symmetrical shape is ultra-responsive
  • Incredible downhill model – trucks prevent speed wobbles
  • Bearings are ABEC 5 – upgrade, for smoother ride
  • Grip is sprayed on, wears off over time – must be replaced

If you know anything about Arbor Collective (it’s totally ok, if you don’t), then you know their focus is sustainability–in everything they do.

This mindset’s lead them to some creating, not only some of the best longboards, but some of the best snowboards, too. In fact, they’re on our list of the best snowboarding brands.

So, you’d expect nothing less, than their Axis Flagship to be considered one of the best longboards for cruising.

Arbor Axis Flagship Summary

Like every other skateboard, longboard, and snowboard in Arbor’s line, the Axis has an artistic, clean design.

What makes it stand out, though, is the use of clear grip tape. This allows for the design to really draw in the eye.

Keep in mind, because it’s sprayed on, it’ll lose grippiness over time. (Vicious grip tape‘s an excellent solution, when the time comes.)

Arbor’s roots are especially apparent in this deck: It has a symmetrical shape–very reminiscent of a snowboard. This shape responds on-a-dime, to any shifts in weight.

Measuring 40″, it falls in the middle of typical longboard lengths. Its walnut construction provides a sturdy feeling underfoot, that instills confidence at high-speeds.

Like the Sector 9 Fractal we saw above, the Axis features drop-through trucks, as well. More specifically, they’re Black Reverse Kingpins. That means you’ll maintain a stable feeling, even on downhills, and during sharp turns.

Maneuverability might as well be its middle name. The way this bad boy carves is something you pretty much exclusively see on snowboards.

The wheels are black standard 70mm. As for the bearings, they’re on the lower-end-of-the-quality-scale, at an ABEC 5. Don’t sweat it; upgrade here.

With the upgrade in-hand, this longboard tackles any terrain you throw its way. Even on downhills, it maintains an incredible amount of stability.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Riders who love to bomb it.

Owing to its fantastic trucks, insanely stable deck, and ability to take on any terrain, it’s the ultimate downhill longboard.

Moreover, it carves like an absolute dream–very snowboard-like.

Instead of waiting for the mountain to open, replicate that same well-loved-snowboarding feeling all-year-long.

Buy an Arbor Axis Longboard here.

8. Yocaher Special Graphic Longboard – $64.99

Pros: Cons:
  • AMAZING price for quality you receive
  • Very unique, eye-catching graphics – choose from 26
  • Deck has low-center-of-gravity – increases stability
  • Built specifically for beginners
  • NOT for advanced riders
  • Bearings need to be replaced when skill-levels progress

Yocaher’s one of the lesser-known longboard companies on this list. But, that didn’t stop them from being included in our list of the best skateboard companies.

Their extremely reasonable pricing, in addition to their boards’ capabilities are what make them stand out.

With that in mind, we’ve included their Special Graphic model, for good reason.

Yocaher Special Graphic Longboard Review

If you’re a longboarding newbie, you’re going to be stoked on life, once you hear about the Yocaher brand.

Their main focus is to cater to longboards for beginners. Now, we know there are plenty of companies that focus on less-skilled riders.

Where Yocaher stands out, though, is they consistently produce super comfortable decks, while maintaining durability and flexibility. Moreover, they aim to provide a consistent center of gravity–and the Special Graphic epitomizes this.

And if that didn’t wet your whistle, the vibrant designs will. Yocaher’s graphics team brings a whole different level-of-awesomeness, to the design game.

Nobody wants a wobbly ride. This bad boy’s trucks provide a stable ride, to quell any fears of falling.

With a classic pintail shape, measuring 40″, it boasts that aforementioned low-center-of-gravity. This further increases stability and responsiveness.

70mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings work together, for a smooth ride. You’ll need to upgrade them, as you become a better rider.

Something to keep in mind with Yocahers: While it’s a super high-quality complete longboard for its price, you have to remember the “for its price”. Comparing a Yocaher to a Sector 9, is like trying to compare youth and adult athletes–it just doesn’t work.

Who’s This Longboard for?

We already touched on this above, but I’ll reiterate it: Newbie and intermediate riders.

What makes this so phenomenal for newer longboarders, is the low-center-of-gravity and stable feeling underfoot. They inject confidence into beginner longboarders.

Through continued progression, this longboard continues to help you learn the sport.

For its price, you’ll never top this Special Graphics longboard.

Also available in: 26 other designs

Buy a Yocaher Special Graphic Longboard here.

9. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard – $59.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • AMAZING price for quality
  • Trucks have riser pads – decreases vibration
  • Kicktail shape is fun to ride & provides maneuverable, stable ride
  • Deck is mixture of 8-ply Canadian maple & ethically-obtained bamboo
  • Ideal for beginners & intermediates – advanced can ride, just not built for them
  • Bearings need upgrading – ABEC 7s

Cheap longboards are the underpinnings of this post. Sure, super fancy (read: expensive) set-ups are awesome, but which would you prefer: To spend a lot or a little cash?

A little, obviously. But, you don’t want something totally garbage. Ten Toes Board Emporium heard you loud and clear.

Their Zed longboard is, without a doubt, one of the best cheap longboards out there.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard

This baby’s a freakin’ classic–it’s built for cruising.

A mixture of 8-ply Canadian maple and ethically-sustainable bamboo give this deck exceptionally durable and stiff feeling. The look of the bamboo grain varies significantly deck-to-deck.

While cruising’s its mainstay, it takes on carving, like a champ. Thanks to an excellent turning radius, taking on corners is a breeze.

It doesn’t have that classic pintail shape, but rather a kicktail one. This provides unmatched levels of maneuverability and stability.

Moving down to the trucks, they’re paired with riser pads. This reduces vibration, which lays ground a more surf-like ride.

In combination with the sticky, rock-finished, 70mm Polyurethane wheels, shock absorbency isn’t an issue. But don’t worry about wheel bite–anti-bite cut-outs eliminates this problem.

While the ABEC 7 ball bearings are fine, you’re better off replacing them with something higher-quality.

Who’s This Longboard for?

It’s built with many beginner longboard qualities. So, newbies, you’ve found your new set-up.

But, beginners aren’t the only riders who enjoy the Zed. Anyone looking for a cheap longboard–in price–that rides like bliss, would benefit from owning this bad boy.

There’s just something wonderful about owning a solid cruiser to toddle around town.

Hands-down, the Zed longboard gives you the most bang for your buck. Period.

The Zed isn’t the only inexpensive option, though. So, be sure to check out these other awesome cheap longboards, too.

Buy a Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard here.

10. Jucker Hawaii Kaha Longboard – $159.95

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Fantastic for all-skill-levels
  • Cruising’s its specialty
  • Kicktail shape makes it maneuverable & stable
  • Exceedingly smooth ride
  • May be too flexi for some tastes
  • Grip is intense – may rip up hands

This list has showcased a number of cruiser longboards that technically work for all riders, but are more skewed towards beginners.

Well, now we’re going to look at a complete longboard by Jucker Hawaii: The Kaha.

Jucker Hawaii Kaha Longboard Review

Nowadays, when you’re purchasing just about anything online, you read reviews. After all, real customers tell the real truth about products.

Well, those reviews are freakin’ raving about this fantastic longboard–one of the smoothest they’ve ever ridden.

This old-school longboard can tackle almost any terrain, thanks to the 78A wheels and wide, high-quality trucks.

The deck itself is made with a mixture of materials: Five-layers of cold-pressed Canadian maple, and two-outside-layers of bamboo.

Forming a stiff, less-flexible deck, they provide an ultra-stable ride. Stiff decks are a classic beginner longboard quality.

Carving and cutting up roads are its favorite past time, allowing you to triumphantly tackle any terrain.

A kicktail shape ensures you’re maneuvering and balanced, as you traverse the road ahead.

Who’s This Longboard for?

It’s truly a longboard for all-skill-levels.

The combination of stability and stiffness provide a balanced, easy ride. On the flip side, though, the kicktail shape ensures maneuverability.

A solid set of wheels pave the way for the smoothest ride out there.

Ride the streets of your town, like the waves of Hawaii, with the incredible Jucker Hawaii Kaha Longboard.

Buy a Jucker Hawaii Kaha Longboard here.

11. Eggboards Mini Longboard – $83.99

best longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Wider deck provides a ton of stability
  • Very smooth ride – uneven terrain isn’t an issue
  • With every board purchase, they plant a tree
  • Fun for both beginners & advanced riders
  • Has a bit of a learning curve
  • Bearings could be updated, for a smoother ride

When you think of mini cruisers, there’s a good chance “Penny Skateboards” comes to mind. While they’re one of the more well-known companies, they’re not the only one.

Eggboards is another hot mini longboard brand. They derive their name from their shape: Very similar to an egg.

This funky deck is a fun ride, which is why we’ve included their Mini Longboard.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Review

One thing to be aware of up front: This deck has a bit of a learning curve. But, once you’re comfortable, it’ll become your favorite mode of transportation.

Measuring in at a tiny 19″, it slides right into your backpack, locker, or other bag, with ease.

While the deck may be mini, the trucks are not. They’re a pair of regular 7-inchers, which really makes a bang, in terms of stability.

The board itself is made with sustainable bamboo. And they’ve partnered up with One Tree Planted, to plant a tree with every longboard sold. Environmentally sound on all accounts.

Take on the world, with the big, soft wheels. You’ll be amazed at how smooth the ride is, tackling small rocks and rubble with ease.

All Eggboard Minis come loaded with ABEC 7 bearings. While not necessary, you may want to switch them out, to improve the overall quality of the ride.

At a mere five-pounds, it’s so lightweight, you may forget you’re carrying it around.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Anyone who’s interested in giving a mini longboard a try.

It’s super stable, stiff bamboo deck provides tons of stability for newbies. Soft, shock-absorbing wheels are the basis of a super smooth ride.

Advanced riders have tons of fun playing around, as it provides a similar, yet entirely different ride than a classic longboard.

If a mini longboard is in your future, make it the best mini longboard: The Eggboard.

Buy the Eggboards Mini Longboard here.

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