Desmond Green Involved in Fatal Crash That Killed 2 People

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Desmond Green was involved in a fatal crash in Florida on August 18. ABC Miami reports that the fatal crash occurred along Interstate 75 close to the town of Davie in the early hours of Saturday. Green is a UFC fighter with the nickname, The Predator. Green is a native of Rochester, New York, who currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On his Instagram page, Green writes in the bio, “ROCHESTER NY MADE ME” and “Jesus Saved me.” Around the time of the crash, Green tweeted, “God favors me.”

The ABC Miami report quotes Alvaro Feola, a spokesman with the Florida Highway Patrol, said that Green, 28, lost control as his Dodge Durango at around 6:00 a.m. Feola said that Green “veered” into the path of a tractor-trailer that caused a crash that involved two other cars. The two people who were killed, Emelina Morfa, 67, and Emma Suarez Hernandez, 76, were traveling in a Toyota Yaris. The driver of that car, Mily Vita-Vega, 64, was also seriously hurt in the crash. Green and another man, Armando Alvarez, the driver of an Acura 3.2TL suffered minor injuries at the scene. Feola said that authorities are still investigating as to why Green lost control of his vehicle. The Miami Herald reports that the affected parts of Interstate 75 were closed for over six hours after the crash.

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Russian fighter Mairbek Taisumov said in a July 2018 tweet that he has signed a deal to face Green at UFC Moscow on September 15. The event is the company’s first in Russia. In June 2018, Green had what MMA Junkie called the biggest win of his career after he defeated Gleison Tibau in New York. The MMA Junkie described the win as helping Green get his career back on track. Green’s official profile says that he fought 28 times, winning 21 and losing 7. On that profile, Green explained what it meant to him to compete in the UFC saying, “It means everything to me. I always knew it was my destiny; this is all I ever wanted. I have sacrificed everything, literally everything, to get here, and I will be a champion soon.” Green is a graduate of the University of Buffalo where he attained a bachelor’s in Health and Human Services. Also on the profile, Green talked about how he supported himself before making the leap to the UFC saying, “I had many part-time jobs – Walmart, Wegmans, janitor, telemarketer. Basically whatever could fit my training/fighting schedule because I started fighting right after college. ”