Jalen Ramsey: ‘I Will Never Play’ for Cowboys Until Jerry, Stephen Jones Leave

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NFL star Jalen Ramsey isn’t known as someone who pulls punches when making comments on players or opposing teams. That’s why it wasn’t all that surprising to see him pick apart a few people (and decisions) during a recent interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes. Specifically, the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback didn’t hold back when the topic of the Dallas Cowboys came up.

While the Cowboys selected running back Ezekiel Elliott ahead of him with the No. 4 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Ramsey expected them to take him. And in turn, he’s not interested in playing for Dallas until Jerry and Stephen Jones are gone.

Via Mina Kimes and ESPN:

At first, Ramsey was happy to land in Jacksonville, even though he expected Dallas to take him with the No. 4 pick. (He believes that the Cowboys’ coaches wanted him but that owner Jerry Jones bigfooted them and grabbed running back Ezekiel Elliott. “I will never play for them,” he sniffs, “unless the Joneses leave.”)

Apparently, the Jaguars cornerback isn’t interested in letting bygones be bygones. These comments come right around two weeks after Ramsey’s interview with GQ in which he essentially went through the entire NFL calling out quarterbacks.

During that conversation, Ramsey actually commented on Elliott during his quick statement about Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

“Dak Prescott, he’s good. He’s alright. He’s okay. I’ll put it that way. [Ezekiel Elliott] runs that team though. Everything runs around Zeke.” Ramsey said.

There seems to be no issue between Ramsey and Elliott, but instead, the 23-year-old is holding his grudge with the Jones family for passing on him. Although he’s only two years into his NFL career, Ramsey has already been named a First-Team All-Pro, made the Pro Bowl and racked up 128 combined tackles, 31 passes defensed and six interceptions in 32 games.

If the talented cornerback’s comments weren’t enough, he also gets to face the Cowboys in Week 6 this season. It won’t give Ramsey full redemption, but you can bet he’ll be looking to show the father-son duo that they made a mistake passing on him.

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