Malik Henry, Last Chance U QB, Is Unlikely to Return to Independence

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After a long period of silence, news about Malik Henry’s future is starting to trickle out. Just a couple weeks ago, Henry appeared on FS1 with Jason Whitlock. Heavy provided a full recap of the interview, but one of the big news items was Henry noted he was being recruited by a couple schools. The Last Chance U quarterback declined to get into specifics as to who was recruiting him. There is still no news about an official offer for Henry.

The Last Chance U Alumni twitter account tweeted that Independence coach Jason Brown admitted Henry was trying to return to Independence for the 2018 season, but Brown noted the coaching staff does not appear on board with his return.

“He is trying to come back, but I don’t think I can make that work,” Brown said, per Last Chance U Alum’s twitter page.

Henry’s location on his Twitter page has been Inglewood, California for the summer. As for his next stop, Henry has been quiet on where it will be, but with the Division 1 season starting it looks unlikely he will be playing D1 ball this season. Henry recently granted another interview with Variety where he mostly discussed how he was portrayed on the show.

I think Greg Whiteley, the director, did a great job. I just wish we they would have shown the other side of me and Coach Brown’s relationship just a little more, because I feel like more people would have realized that he is more like an older brother, father figure type…

They just didn’t show both sides and they could have shown both sides. They had a lot of opportunities to but they didn’t…

They put in a lot of my trash talking. That’s stuff that fans and people watching the game wouldn’t hear unless I was mic’d up.

While we still do not know where Henry is going to end up, we are starting to get a sense of where he will not be. It looks like the door is closing at Independence, and a D1 offer is unlikely to happen for this season. Henry could potentially play at another JUCO program, or sit out the 2018 season with 2019 in mind.

With how his last season went at Independence, Henry is likely to want to get back on the football field sooner rather than later to try to catch on with a major program in 2019. Henry transferred to Independence from Florida State after things did not go as planned with the Seminoles.

Whiteley disputed Henry’s assertion that he was not portrayed accurately on Last Chance U.

“As documentary filmmakers, we take very seriously our responsibility to accurately portray the lives of all the student athletes, coaches, and teachers who agree to allow our cameras into their lives,” Whiteley explained to Variety. “For the last three seasons, we have prioritized authenticity and honesty in our storytelling, and will continue to do so in our upcoming fourth season.”