WATCH: Danica Patrick Shocked By Aaron Rodgers Game-Winning Touchdown Pass

Just like the rest of us, Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick was mystified by his heroics in the 4th quarter against her former beloved Bears. Patrick grew up in Illinois and had been a lifelong Bears fan prior to dating Rodgers. It just so happens her first time attending Lambeau Field to cheer on Rodgers came against the Bears.

“I can’t wait to go to Lambeau,” Patrick previously told USA Today. “I was a Bears fan (but) I’ve known Aaron for quite a while and I’ve always told him I would cheer for him. As I’ve said before, I cheer for him, I just don’t want his team to win. Now, of course, I cheer for the whole team.”

Patrick made her Lambeau debut and received quite a first Green Bay memory. Rodgers was carted off the field during the first half and many expected the Packers quarterback to miss significant time. Instead, Rodgers started the game in the second half and later led an incredible fourth-quarter comeback. Patrick made it clear that she is now cheering the Packers on, even though she grew up a rival Bears fan.

During the preseason, Patrick posted a photo of herself in Packers gear watching Rodgers and Green Bay during an open practice.

“Change of venues…..look at all the people, and this is only practice. ? #lambeaufield @packers ??,” Patrick posted.

Rodgers and Patrick met at the 2012 ESPYs and stayed friends over the years. Both went through breakups in 2017 and realized they had a lot in common.

“I wrote a workout, (and) we worked out together and things like that. Put him through some ab workouts,” Patrick told USA Today. “We both just have similar hobbies and interests – the kind of life that we live and wanting to travel and various different things, liking dogs.”

Rodgers may have converted Patrick but her family remains diehard Bears fans. Her father, TJ Patrick, detailed the family’s football dilemma in an interview with Autoweek.

“I’m still a Bears fan,” TJ Patrick told Autoweek. “I’m always going to be a Bears fan. I can’t be a Packers fan. Danica is still a Bears fan, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be an Aaron Rodgers fan…Actually, the first time we met him I told the kids I was going to wear my Brian Urlacher jersey and tackle him,” TJ recalled to Autoweek, referring to the Bears linebacker who was a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection. I couldn’t find it. He walked in and asked, ‘Where is your jersey?’ I told him I couldn’t find it. He said, ‘I would respect you a lot more if you had it on.’”

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