Wild Card: Standings, Schedule, Teams & NL/AL Matchups for 2018

mlb wild card standings

Getty The Cubs and Brewers are battling for the NL Central.

The MLB Wild Card picture is clear in the American League, but cloudy in the National League. The New York Yankees will host the Oakland A’s in the AL Wild Card matchup on Wednesday, October 3rd at 8:05 p.m. Eastern. The NL will feature some combination of the Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies.

The NL Wild Card game will be on Tuesday, October 2nd regardless of the matchup. There is also the possibility that one or both of the teams will have played in a playoff game for their division the night before.

The NL Central features the most variance as the Brewers or Cubs could either clinch the No. 1 seed in the National League, or find themselves playing in a Wild Card matchup.

Here are all the details for the 2018 MLB Wild Card race.

NL Wild Card Scenarios

Cubs Win vs. Cardinals Combined With Brewers Loss vs. Tigers: Cubs win NL Central while Brewers play Rockies or Dodgers in Wild Card matchup.
Brewers Win vs. Tigers Combined With Cubs Loss vs. Cardinals: Brewers win NL Central while Cubs play Rockies or Dodgers in Wild Card matchup.
Cubs and Brewers both win or lose: One game playoff on Monday in Chicago for the NL Central division
Rockies win vs. Nationals Combined With Dodgers Loss vs. Giants: Rockies win NL West while Dodgers host Braves in NLDS.
Dodgers Win vs. Giants Combined With Rockies Loss vs. Nationals: Dodgers win NL West while Rockies host Braves in NLDS.
Rockies and Dodgers Both Win or Lose: One game playoff on Monday in Los Angeles for the NL West division

MLB Wild Card Schedule 2018

Tues., October 2nd Dodgers/Rockies vs. Cubs/Brewers TBD/ESPN
Wed., October 3rd A’s vs. Yankees 8:05 p.m./TBS

AL Wild Card Standings

New York Yankees 100 62 +3.0
Oakland A’s 97 65

NL Wild Card Standings

Chicago Cubs 95 67 +4.0
Milwaukee Brewers 95 67 +4.0
Colorado Rockies 91 71
LA Dodgers 91 71
St. Louis Cardinals (eliminated) 88 74 2.0

NL Tiebreaker Games (If Necessary) on Monday, October 1st

Here’s a look at the schedule if either the NL Central or NL West requires a playoff game for the division. The schedule depends on whether there is a playoff game for just one division, or if both require a tiebreaker game. The game(s) would be on Monday, October 1st.

Brewers at Cubs (If just one game) ESPN 4:09 p.m. ET
Rockies at Dodgers (If just one game) ESPN 4:09 p.m. ET
Brewers at Cubs (If two games) ESPN 1:05 p.m. ET
Rockies at Dodgers (If two games) ESPN 4:09 p.m. ET

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