NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Chiefs, Bears & Rams on the Rise

If you want to know the state of our NFL power rankings, consider the Bills defeated the Vikings 27-6 as just one of many surprising outcomes in Week 3. Minnesota entered the matchup as a 17-point favorite, yet ended up losing by more points than their own spread.

It is times like these where an exercise ESPN's Ryen Russillo often discusses is helpful. Imagine being an alien, and the first NFL game you watched was the Bills-Vikings this past weekend. You would leave thinking the Bills are one of the best teams in the league.

This shows just how much things can change from week to week in the NFL. Who knows, the alien might end up being right as the Bills could be on the start of a winning streak. Chances are it was one good week, and the Bills we are used to seeing will appear sooner rather than later.

There are 10 teams all with a 2-1 record and another four teams that are undefeated. While I try to pick the top 10 teams in the NFL, power rankings are as much about the 10 hottest teams in the league as it is about who necessarily is the best. There are going to be teams ranked on this list above teams they just lost to. How can this be possible you may ask?

The simple answer is we are trying to rank the top teams for the whole season, not just one week. Head-to-head can serve as a nice tiebreaker if two teams are even, but it is not the number one criteria. If you only used head-to-head to rank teams, you would not be able to have functional power rankings by the middle of the season as teams would all cancel each other out.

It Is Still Patrick Mahomes' World

At some point, there has to be a regression for Patrick Mahomes, right? Not so far, as Mahomes threw for 314 yards and three touchdowns as the Chiefs moved to a perfect 3-0 with a decisive win over the 49ers.

Mahomes is going to have bad games ahead at some point, but let's enjoy the ride of watching a young quarterback play rather than try to figure out where he ranks against veteran NFL quarterbacks after three games. Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt believes the Chiefs success has to do with a combination of their weapons and Mahomes playmaking abilities.

"We've got a bunch of weapons, and Pat is just a competitor," Hunt told ESPN. "I knew that from the day we met, when we got drafted together. We said one day we were going to take over the Chiefs Kingdom."

Chiefs kingdom, indeed. According to NFL Network, the Chiefs have scored 118 points through three games which is the sixth highest number since 1970. In other words, Kansas City's offense is doing things at a historic pace.

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No. 1 Kansas City Chiefs

No. 2 Los Angeles Rams

No. 3 Tampa Bay Bucs

No. 4 Jacksonville Jaguars

No. 5 Miami Dolphins

No. 6 Chicago Bears

No. 7 Philadelphia Eagles

No. 8 Washington Redskins

No. 9 Baltimore Ravens

No. 10 Carolina Panthers