WATCH: Matt Barnes’ Fake Pass Was Indeed Inches From Kobe Bryant’s Face

Kobe Bryant

Getty Kobe Bryant

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant alike can rest easy. While one of the most ‘Black Mamba’ moments of Bryant’s career was nearly proven to be less awesome than we thought, we can now all safely pivot back.

Thanks to a video posted by ESPN, we now have proof that the fake pass Matt Barnes threw which seemed to be inches from Bryant’s face was as close as everyone originally thought.

Earlier in the day, the following photo of the Barnes-Bryant situation was posted, showing Kobe standing to the side ahead of the fake pass.

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But as you can see from the top video, the Black Mamba was swaying ahead of the inbounds pass, which is why a camera caught him off to the side. In reality, it was just as close, if not closer than most fans probably thought.

Realistically, we probably should have never doubted Bryant, who addressed the debate over the infamous play. As Chris Martin Palmer revealed, he apparently spoke to Bryant, who pointed out that he was indeed swaying.

The story checks out, without question.

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