DraftKings NFL Picks & Optimal Lineups: Redskins vs. Cowboys Showdown

The second NFL game set for Thanksgiving features an intriguing NFC East matchup which has major playoff implications. The Washington Redskins are on the road against the Dallas Cowboys with a chance to grab a big edge in the division. Unfortunately, they'll have to win this game and also continue their playoff push without quarterback Alex Smith, who suffered a scary leg injury in Week 11.

For all of the fantasy football players out there, we have a few ways to get in on the action for Thanksgiving. While there is a regular slate which features all three games, the showdown games on DraftKings have quickly become a popular choice for fantasy players. And for the Redskins vs. Cowboys game, there's plenty of value to be found and great options for building single-game lineups.

While I'll break down each of the games, we'll cover specifically the Redskins (6-4) vs. Cowboys (5-5) here. The first matchup between these two teams came in Week 7 when the Redskins won a close 20-17 game on their home field and as things stand, that's the difference between the two teams in the division.

Let's dive into the showdown matchup here, and to start I'll give a general idea of how they work. You're first selecting six players within the salary cap, which is quite a bit different than regular daily fantasy football games. You can use any position from either team including kickers and defenses.

One big thing to mention is the captain spot. In all lineups, you'll choose a captain who will cost 1.5-times their normal price but also scores 1.5x the points for being in the top spot. Before we get into the actual lineups, I'll break down the captain options and offer my favorite choices from both teams.

For the start of the Thanksgiving slate, I'll offer three lineups, this covers the primary formats of games you'll have the option to play. It includes an optimal lineup which is a well-rounded one with many of my favorite plays, a 150-max option (more risk, higher ceiling) and a single-entry/cash lineup (high floor, less risk).

Due to the fact that you're only selecting six players, it'll be pretty vital to differentiate yourself as much as possible. There are a variety of ways to get unique, even with smaller lineups, considering you can use two quarterbacks or even one (or more) kickers and/or defenses. I'll offer some thoughts on the best ways to get unique on this slate, specifically with your captain choice.

Let's start with the captain plays to consider and options for the Redskins vs. Cowboys matchup.