Jamal Murray Got His 48-Point Ball Back

Jamal Murray

Getty Jamal Murray

Jamal Murray got the game ball back from his near-50-point game on Monday against the Celtics. Kyrie Irving had thrown the ball into the crowd in anger that Murray tried to score in the last seconds to break 50.

The antics on both sides have led to some beef between the two players–Kyrie was still talking about it the next day.

It makes sense that Murray would want the game ball from his career-high 48-point game, and he got it on Friday night when the fan who caught it returned it to him before his matchup against the Brooklyn Nets.

It’s the ultimate shade for Kyrie, who felt the need to throw the ball to the crowd as a way of keeping it from Murray. Well, he got it anyway. There’s sure to be more beef between Murray and Irving after this latest stunt.

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