Brett Favre Suggests Packers Should Get Doug Pederson from the Eagles

Getty Images Brett Favre receiving his HOF ring.

At this point in the season, the Green Bay Packers are finished. Surprisingly enough, the Packers were a complete train wreck in 2018. Everybody assumed that with the return of their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers would be back on track to being playoff contenders. unfortunately, that’s not that case. And before the season even ended, the Packers decided to fire their head coach, Mike McCarthy. Now, Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre has a few ideas of who should be the next head coach.

No, Brett Favre has no intentions of taking over the Packers if that’s what you’re thinking. There’s probably a better chance of him returning as a player. But if the Packers did decide to reach out to Favre for some scouting advice while on the search for a new coach, the Green Bay legend would be more than open to helping out his former team find their new leader.

Favre had some solid ideas, but his final suggestion for the Packers had us scratching our heads. First off, he suggested that the Packers go out and get an offensive minded coach being that the Packers are a team that revolves around the quarterback. Okay, that makes sense. So after rattling off a couple of offensive coordinators names, Favre suggested that the Packers should somehow hire Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

Favre’s Crazy Idea

Doug Pederson is on his third year as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Seeing as though he just helped the Eagles bring in their first Super Bowl win ever, there’s absoloutley no shot that Pederson gets fired even if the Eagles don’t follow-up their Super Bowl run with a playoff appearance. After all, the Eagles just extended Pederson during this past offseason.

Being that Pederson played for the Packers once upon a time, it’s understandable why Favre would like to see that relationship rekindle. But if he thinks that the Packers and the Eagles are going to work out some sort of deal to get Pederson in Green Bay then he must be crazy. I’m not saying it’s impossible, because coaches have been traded before. But there’s just no possible way that the Eagles get rid of Pederson this early on.

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