Dallas Cowboys Playoff Picture: Schedule & Potential Opponents

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Getty Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Seattle Seahawks

The Dallas Cowboys have made the 2019 NFL playoffs thanks to their win over the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 16. The Cowboys have won the NFC East which means they can finish no lower than No. 4 in the NFC. We will not know the Cowboys playoff schedule until after Week 17, but here is a look at the different scenarios for Dallas.

The Cowboys first playoff game is likely to be either Saturday, January 5 or Sunday, January 6 on Wild Card weekend. Since the Cowboys won their division, Dallas will host their first playoff matchup. Their most likely opponents are either the Seahawks or Vikings.

Dallas will need some help to jump up higher than No. 4. Cowboys fans should be rooting for the Bears to lose. Heading into Week 16, the Bears were two games up on the Cowboys in the NFC standings so Dallas would need a lot of help from Chicago.

The Cowboys Appear Locked into the No. 4 Seed in the NFC

The Cowboys still have a chance at climbing in the NFC playoff standings, but it would take a lot for the Cowboys to move up. The Bears would need to lose their final two games. Dallas cannot climb higher than the Rams who are currently the No. 2 seed. According to Football Outsiders’ projections, the Cowboys have an 89.3 percent chance of being the No. 4 seed and just a 4.3 percent chance at the No. 3 seed.

The Seahawks Are the Cowboys’ Most Likely Playoff Opponent

A lot can change in the next week, but the odds greatly favor a Cowboys-Seahawks playoff matchup. Football Outsiders gives the Seahawks a 75.3 percent chance of securing the No. 5 seed. Since Seattle cannot win the NFC West, this is the highest possible seed the Seahawks can land.

Seattle still needs to win one of their final two games to secure a playoff berth. In this scenario, the Cowboys would host the Seahawks on the opening weekend of the NFL playoffs. The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys earlier this season.

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