DeMarcus Cousins Trolls Kevin Durant After Dunking On Him

kevin durant birthday

Getty Kevin Durant made a birthday request a bit awkward.

So if you’re reading this, most likely you know by now that DeMarcus Cousins dunked on Kevin Durant in practice. 

Oh it happened:

Then after the dunk, Boogie trolled KD about it in the lockerroom and told his Warriors teammate: “Take your ass in the shower,” Couins told Durant.

“And stop writing travel on every post.”

This is all in good fun by the way.

A four-time NBA All Star, Cousins is coming off of a serious Achilles’ injury that has ‘no setbacks in the recovery process,’ according to Warriors head trainer, Rick Celebrini.

With the New Year around the corner, Cousins is excited just to get things rolling with the core of Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green.

“It’s a team full of high IQs,” DeMarcus Cousins told me.

“I believe everyone on our team has a very high IQ when it comes to the game of basketball,” he said. “All of us know how to play the game of basketball.”

Cousins has never played in the playoffs during his eight seasons in the league.Assumedly, this season will be his first shot.

He’s excited to join his squad soon. “We got guys with the same characteristics that– it’s like play-doh,” he told me.

“You can mold them into whatever you want them to be.”

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, NBA insider, Chris Sheridan thinks that Cousins is the piece that the Warriors need.

“Cousins is a big x-factor on that team,” he told me.

Kevin Durant, Warriors, Draymond Green: Scoop B On Al JazeeraBasketball Society Senior writer, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson discusses all things basketball. Scoop B, also host of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, dives into the play of the Golden State Warriors in the current NBA 2018-19 Season. This includes talks of Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.2018-12-10T21:42:54.000Z

“I’m really looking forward to see how Boogie is going to play, because with the Warriors he’s not going to get as many possessions as he did in Sacramento.”

While the NBA’s Western Conference is competitive with teams like the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers improving this season, the Warriors are still the champs and Sheridan likes their chances.

“I think if the Warriors are healthy they still remain favorites in the west,” he tells Scoop B Radio.

“The Warriors have to remain focused on wining a championship this year and then a focus later on next year after the season.These are veterans players and they know what it takes to win in the playoffs.”

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