Eagles Playoff Chances: Updated Outlook After Seahawks’ Win

Nick Foles

Getty Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles

The Philadelphia Eagles are hoping to see a little more Nick Foles magic to finish up the NFL season. While Foles may not replicate his incredible Super Bowl run from last year (then again, he might), the Eagles first need him to help push them into the postseason. And based on the current outlook, they have work left to do before another championship becomes a serious discussion.

Philadelphia’s postseason push ramps up in Week 16 with a key home game against the Houston Texans, who are jockeying for position in the AFC, but have a different focus. The Eagles currently sit at 7-7 and need wins as well as a bit of help in the final two games to make the postseason.

Let’s take a look at the NFC standings as well as the Eagles’ overall outlook and chances to navigate their way into the playoffs.

*Note: Updated odds/chances after Week 16 results come in are listed below.

NFC Playoff Standings

1. New Orleans Saints 13 2 0
2. L.A. Rams 12 3 0
3. Chicago Bears 11 4 0
4. Dallas Cowboys 9 6 0
5. Seattle Seahawks 9 6 0
6. Minnesota Vikings 8 6 1
7. Philadelphia Eagles 8 7 0
8. Washington Redskins 7 8 0

The Eagles find themselves in a tough spot due to the tie which the Minnesota Vikings picked up in Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers. For what it’s worth, they do still have a chance to catch the Seattle Seahawks and even overtake the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. Unfortunately, both of those things happening are longshots.

If Philadelphia were to lose, they’d need some major help when it comes to keeping up with the Vikings, who could then afford at least one loss in their final two games. The Eagles face the Washington Redskins, who are also still in the playoff mix technically, in Week 17, so that game may have playoff implications.

Washington’s loss to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday helps the Eagles outlook overall, but the most important thing for Foles and company is to simply continue winning games. Even then, their playoff chances remain questionable at best.

Eagles’ Playoff Chances

Entering Sunday’s action, the Eagles have a 73 percent chance to miss out on the postseason this year. Their best chances is the sixth and final Wild Card spot (23 percent) while they have a two percent chance at the No. 4 seed (NFC East title) and one percent at No. 5, per Playoff Status.

A loss Sunday to the Texans would have been a major cause for concern, as their playoff hopes would take a major hit. If Philadelphia had lost, the odds of them finishing on the outside looking in would have jumped up to 89 percent, pending the outcome of the Vikings’ Week 16 game and a few other factors.

Update: Picking up a win keeps the Eagles alive, moving them to 8-7. But as Playoff Status noted, the jump wasn’t drastic due wins by both the Vikings and Seahawks. Philadelphia has a 26 percent chance at the No. 6 seed with those two outcomes heading into Week 17.

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