NFL Mock Draft 2019: Giants Select QB Dwayne Haskins

For many teams in the NFL, the playoffs were dismissed months ago as fans began eying the 2019 draft with anticipation. Next week, we will know the draft order for the teams outside the postseason and our latest NFL mock draft breaks down the options for the teams likely picking atop the board.

Regardless of the order, we know this is a draft where teams can seriously improve their defensive line. For offensive-needy teams, they may find it more challenging to fill needs, but there will still be value in the middle rounds for the offensive players. Given the number of top defensive players expected to declare, fans can look for a run on defensive players in the first two rounds.

While this is the case, teams like the Giants and Jaguars need their quarterback of the future. They will be forced to consider whether players like Justin Herbert, Dwayne Haskins, Will Grier and Drew Lock are good enough to demand a high draft pick.

Cardinals & Raiders Lead Race for No. 1 Pick

Heading into Week 16, the Cardinals and Raiders are tied for the No. 1 pick. Arizona has a slight edge since they have a lower strength of schedule. Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa is still the favorite to be the top pick despite missing most of this season as he recovered from an injury.

One NFL scouting director told Bleacher Report's Matt Miller that it would take a lot for Bosa not to be the No. 1 pick.

"I can't see anyone coming close to Bosa," the scouting director told Bleacher Report. "The only way he's not the first pick in the draft is if a team falls for a quarterback. There isn't anyone you'd actually take over him on talent."

Ohio State's Nick Bosa Is the Favorite to be the No. 1 Pick

If all goes as planned, Bosa will be the top pick in April. Miller broke down what teams love about the younger Bosa.

"Bosa is as good as advertised, at least according to conversations with scouts and executives," Miller explains. "There's also the film study, which shows him as an elite athlete coming off the ball with advanced technique as a pass-rusher...The fact that NFL scouts have already seen what big brother Joey can do in the NFL— he has 23 sacks in 28 pro games— gives peace of mind when considering the younger Bosa. There's also the fact that dad John was a first-round pick in the 1987 NFL draft, grandfather Palmer Pyle played six years in the league, and uncles Mike Pyle (nine years) and Eric Kumerow (first-rounder, 1988) all had NFL careers."

The draft order for our mock draft is based on the standings heading into Week 16. With the teams so close together, there is still plenty of time for this to change. Click the next arrow to see our latest NFL mock draft for the top 10 picks.