NFL Mock Draft 2019: Top 10 Best Picks With Latest Order

The day has finally arrived for teams outside of the playoffs to find out where they will be picking in the 2019 NFL draft. Our latest mock draft will have the updated draft order as it is finalized. Some teams have been circling this date for a long time as anxious fans count down the days to when their team can get top young talent.

This year has been defined by explosive offenses with the success of teams like the Rams, Chiefs and Saints. This draft is all about defense as teams will be able to add a few pieces to help them try to slow down these offenses.

All teams picking at the top of the draft need to get better, but one team needs it a bit more than the rest.

The Raiders Have 3 First Round Picks in the 2019 NFL Draft

Jon Gruden is attempting to transform the Raiders roster, and his success depends on what he can do with Oakland's plethora of draft picks. After Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper have both shined with new teams, the Raiders need to hit on their draft picks for more reasons than just roster improvement.

The Raiders will have their pick in addition to picks from the Bears and Cowboys. Oakland has no home for 2019 and the team is without a GM. The draft is the one bright spot for Raiders fans in what has been a dark year for the franchise.

Nick Bosa Is the Favorite to be the No. 1 Pick

The Bosa pedigree looks as strong as ever with the success Joey Bosa has had with the Chargers. Nick Bosa is a heavy favorite to be the No. 1 pick, but we saw last year with Baker Mayfield that things do not always go according to plan. Bosa did not play for most of the college football season but it does not look like it will impact his draft stock.

Joey Bosa described his brother as "light years" ahead of where he was in college.

"He doesn't really need any help," Joey Bosa told 247 Sports. "He's an absolute monster and I think he's light years ahead of any spot I ever got to in college."

Justin Herbert's Decision to Stay at Oregon Makes QB Class Even Thinner

Justin Herbert had a chance to be the No. 1 quarterback taken in the draft but opted to return to Oregon for another season. The quarterback class was already thin, even if Herbert declared. Now teams will have to decide whether players like Drew Lock, Will Grier and Daniel Jones are worthy of a high draft pick.

My latest mock draft has two quarterbacks going in the Top 10. If history tells us anything it is quarterbacks tend to rise as the draft gets closer.

Click the next arrow to see my latest NFL mock draft with the top 10 picks. We will be updating the draft order once it is finalized. The current order is based on the standings heading into Week 17.

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