76ers’ Elton Brand Earns High Grade From NBA Insider on Jimmy Butler Move

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The Philadelphia 76ers have had a lot on their plate since the NBA season started.

Jimmy Butler comes in. Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Jerryd Bayless out.

Sixer GM, Elton Brand has navigated the ship well, so far. “I’ll give him a B+ maybe an A-minus,” NBA insider Chris Sheridan told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

The addition of Jimmy Butler is what has sold Sheridan on Brand’s wheeling and dealing so far.

“Butler is a stone cold killer when it comes to making shots. He’s a great two-way player,” says Sheridan. “Covington was a two or three player.”

The Markelle Fultz Situation

Earlier this month, Fultz who has had difficulty shooting a basketball fluidly was diagnosed with  Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).

Fultz is out indefinitely, although ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has reported a three-to-six-week timetable depending on “success of rehab to ease symptoms and pain tolerance.”

If you’re tardy to the party, common causes of TOS include, per the MayoClinic include: “physical trauma from a car accident and repetitive injuries from job- or sports-related activities.”

Last month, I reported that Fultz was in a motorcycle accident, which may have been the cause of his condition.

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Fultz’s agent, Raymond Brothers, tells Philly Voices, Kyle Neubeck that any such motorcycle accident ever occurred.

“From the sound of things Markelle Fultz isn’t going to play anytime soon,” Chris Sheridan tells Scoop B Radio.

“And Markele has this diagnosis, I’m not sure what the name is for his diagnosis. The Sixers know it’s time to part ways with Fultz. But you have to see what they are going to get from him, maybe a servicable player, maybe a shooter or stretch four and they can get a first round pick, not a great first round pick but somebody out the road.”

Sixers Eyeing Another Target to Bolster Roster?

While Fultz has been a media distraction, the Sixers’ time is now, according to Sheridan.

Maybe he can turn Fultz into a good player but right now the answer is Jimmy Butler,” he said. 

Then there’s the addition of a free agent?

“Or they may get Carmelo,” says Sheridan.

“Depends on the Fultz situation. But right now that story remains to be seen. We have to wait and judge it in the future. But it’s a certain need for a shooter. But Butler is an upgrade from Covington.”