Does Andrew Luck Have a Wife? Is Colts QB Married?

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Twitter/@gymniko Andrew Luck met his girlfriend Nicole Pechanac at Stanford.

Andrew Luck does not have a wife, but has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Nicole Pechanac. The couple met when they were student-athletes at Stanford. Pechanac is from Phillipsburg, New Jersey but competed in gymnastics at Stanford.

Pechanac is still involved in sports and now works on the television side. Pechanac is a field producer for both NBC Sports and ESPN. Pechanac provided an overview of her work on her Linkedin profile.

Nicole puts great emphasis on learning each and every day. She built upon her design and analytical skills by working in the architecture industry and later earning a MBA at the Kelley School of Business, allowing her to further her interest in finance and entrepreneurship and how the intersection of the two through impact investing can create sustainable benefits to communities.

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Luck’s Girlfriend Provided Encouragement During His Journey to Get Back on the Football Field

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Luck missed all of the 2017 season as he recovered from a shoulder injury. There was a time when many wondered if the Colts quarterback could return to his prior form. Luck led the Colts to the 2019 NFL playoffs and is enjoying the journey with Pechanac.

“If you’ve played five, six, seven years, you’ve overcome something in a sense,” Luck explained to ESPN. “I was talking to my folks about this and [girlfriend] Nicole about, man, it’s hard to sort of when you’re in the weeds to sort of flip that switch and zoom out a little bit and get a little different perspective and appreciate or understand what happens. Because you’re in it and it’s like you’re on and you don’t want to get out of it. Again, I am having fun and to me that’s the most important thing. The fact that we get to go play another game in the playoffs and see what we can do, that’s stinking awesome. … I feel this season in a sense — every game has been fulfilling. But satisfied? No, not at all.”

Pechanac Graduated from Stanford With an Engineering Degree & a Masters Degrees at Indiana University

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Pechanac graduated from Stanford with an Engineering degree with a special focus in Architectural Design in 2012. She also earned an MBA from Indiana’s Kelley School of Business in 2017. Pechanac specialized in Business Analytics with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track.

Luck also graduated from Stanford in 2012 with an Architectural Design degree. Luck spoke with Stanford’s website about why he chose the major.

Architectural Design [major] and I chose it because of my longtime interest in buildings, both their aesthetic value and structure…I think the idea of angles, space, and processing information helps immensely on the field. I believe the first two ideas mentioned come from having a decent engineering background and are definitely honed in engineering classes.

Pechanac Is Also Involved in Social Entreprenurship

Pechanac is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a member of Nest’s board of trustees. Here is an overview of Nest’s work per Linkedin.

Nest is nonprofit committed social and economic advancement of global artisans through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development, and widespread industry advocacy.

Pechanac listed a few of her community involvement goals on Linkedin.

Nicole aspires to grow in her two-pronged career as a social entrepreneur and through her involvement in the gymnastics community as a field producer for NBC and ESPN. She enjoys being an advocate for healthier, ethically-conscious products through her work with the non-profit, Nest, and being an active member of the Indianapolis community. She embraces life’s opportunities and is grateful for the people that have led her along the way. Her hope is to be able to pass forward that same support and guidance to others.

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