Anthony Davis Will Join Lakers, Not Celtics Says NBA Analyst

Anthony Davis

Getty New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis will end up being a Los Angeles Laker, but not in the way you may think, believes Fox Sports 1’s Jason McIntyre.

Appearing on Friday’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, McIntyre discussed all NBA topics and even the state of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl chances.

The topic of Anthony Davis potentially joining the Boston Celtics was up for debate.

I asked McIntyre the most direct question: Do you think the Celtics have a snowball’s chance in heaven at getting in?

Guess what he said? 

“I don’t because this is early and stuff can change,” McIntyre told me via the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

People are going to hold me to it. Scoop, If you put this out there, obviously, I think Anthony Davis will tell the people he wants to end up on the Lakers. I think he will not sign the extension this off-season and play it out and either get traded at the deadline or walk for nothing, the following season. And I know that’s depressing to hear and I wouldn’t wait until LeBron’s at that point; what, 36? 35 and a half?” 

With the NBA’s February 7th trading deadline rapidly approaching, the AD to LA talks don’t seem to be cooling off any time soon. 

Just Friday, a source shared with me that the Lakers will attempt to keep Kyle Kuzma “for dear life,” but that in the end, they’ll deal anyone other than LeBron James.

Another name that’s been hot in trade rumors has been guard Josh Hart, who’s continued to grow as a player and come into his own in Los Angeles.

But the source also cited that Hart was also one of the “untouchables” previously, but he could now be a part of a deal with the Pelicans.

Jason McIntyre says he likes the way Anthony Davis and his team are going about this whole process.

“Again, I think Anthony Davis is too smart,” he tells Scoop B Radio.

“Like, you know, it just doesn’t make sense to gut the entire franchise to bring him in, which is why the Celtics do have a more attractive package to the Pelicans, right? They got all those draft picks, and by the way, they’re holding that Memphis pick. I think it’s what top eight protected, top six protected or whatever it is. Memphis was a hot team early. Have you noticed they’re out of the playoffs? They’re fading.”

Worth noting: That Boston Celtics talk sounds familiar. Last month, NBA insider, Chris Sheridan told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast that Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has reportedly wanted New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis ever since he was playing college ball at the University of Kentucky.

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Danny Ainge hopes the the lottery turns out like the odds project. (Getty)

Anthony Davis was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Celtics had the 20th and 21st pick in that year’s draft, so they weren’t able to snag Davis. However, Ainge has been keeping tabs on AD for a while now.

Per Scoop B Radio: 

“Now Anthony Davis, Danny Ainge has been wanting to get this guy since he was at Kentucky,” said Sheridan.

“And we have to remember Danny has four-1st round draft picks coming up. He has players that can’t even get into the lineup. He’s also got contracts he can move like Gordon Hayward. The question is can Kyrie [Irving] last in Boston because Terry Rozier can probably take his spot.”