Danielle Collins’ Instagram Reveals the Tennis Player’s Personal Life

Danielle Collins Instagram

Danielle Collins Instagram

Danielle Collins’ Instagram isn’t all tennis competitions and endorsements (though there are plenty of those pictures as well): it also showcases the tennis pro’s personal life, including her time spent with friends, family, and engaging in hobbies.

25-year-old Collins has surpassed all expectations of performance during her run so far at the 2019 Australian Open. Per The New York Times, her match against two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova will mark her first time playing a Grand Slam semifinal.

A day before her match against Kvitova, Collins took to Instagram to share her mindset. Collins captioned a photo of her playing tennis with a simple mantra: “Whatever it takes.”

Here’s what you need to know about Danielle Collins’ Instagram:

Collins Often Posts Pictures of Her Personal Time Spent With Family & Friends

Collins may be on a constant grind with her exploding tennis career, but she still appears to make time for her family and friends, not to mention a few side hustles.

During her free time, though, Collins isn’t exactly doing nothing: she recently announced that she would be releasing her jewelry line, Danielle Collins Jewelry, in 2019. Collins has given a few sneaks peaks of her jewelry designs in the last few weeks, though nothing appears to be available for purchase quite yet.

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Work of art?

A post shared by Danielle Collins (@danimalcollins) on Oct 14, 2018 at 2:06pm PDT

Collins has also used her social media account to thank her family members for everything they’ve done in her life. For her own birthday, Collins turned the focus back to her parents, writing in an Instagram post, “25 years ago today. One half century to go, and hopefully many more to come?? Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Crushed the cupcakes with the big guy????”

Collins Uses Instagram to Showcase Her Training Routine & Her Mental Approach to the Sport of Tennis

Collins’ Instagram is filled with photos and videos of her tennis life. In this video that Collins re-grammed from ESPN, Collins shared that she often enjoys when people root against her, as it fuels her desire to win.

Collins said, “I think going to college helped me develop myself as a person. I really know who I am. I kind of like it more when people cheer against me sometimes, so I can prove them wrong. I love when things get competitive…I’m always talking crap, I’m feisty, that’s just a part of the deal with me.”

For the viral #10YearChallenge photo comparison that’s been circulating through the internet, Collins wrote,#10yearchallenge I use to not like being 5’10 because every guy at school was shorter than me, and @cathy_collins2 would try to convince me I was still “cute” ?
I think the biggest difference has got to be switching to @headtennis_officialthough ?????”

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