Jen Rainwater: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jen Rainwater, a former Oakland Athletics beat writer with SB Nation, has been fired after she tweeted at Kyler Murray, saying she would not care if the Heisman winner was “critically injured” during his rookie season. Rainwater wrote from her now-deleted Twitter account, “You arent going to be great in the NFL! & to think many of us were rooting for you. Youre just a stupid, selfish, baby & brat. I NEVER say this but I wont care a bit when you suck or critically injured in your rookie NFL season. In fact, I will likely tweet.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on January 10 that the Oakland Athletics expected Murray to enter the draft. In 2018, Murray, a two-sport star, was drafted by the A’s with an agreement in place to allow him to play a final season with Oklahoma. During that season, with Murray as quarterback, Oklahoma went 12-2 and saw the Texas-native collect the Heisman Trophy.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rainwater Posted a Lengthy Explanation About Her Tweet on Facebook: But Then Deleted That Account Too

Jen Rainwater

Instagram/Jen RainwaterJen Rainwater pictured on her Instagram page.

Shortly after news of Rainwater’s firing was made public, she posted a lengthy explanation to her Facebook page. The rambling post did not see her apologize for the original tweet. The post begins with Rainwater saying, “Im going to say the absolute truth and then im done with this s***… Ive been trolled for the past 7 years.” Rainwater accused various people of calling her a drug addict on social media and said that people had created fake tweets and Facebook messages that are not really from her.

Rainwater also took aim at NBC Bay Area reporter Jessica Kleinschmidt calling her, “The biggest liar of them all.” Rainwater accuses Kleinschmidt of bullying her online. Rainwater says the pair have only met once. She then pokes fun at Kleinschmidt’s editorial skills, Rainwater writes, “I got a real education & haven’t tortured people or lied my way through life.” Kleinschmidt is a content producer at San Francisco’s NBC affiliate.

Eventually, Rainwater writes, “People say life isnt fair and it isnt. But when a group of people torture you and lie about you relentlessly for years… thats being no better than the biggest liar of all – the so-called potus.” Rainwater also says that she was bullied at Oakland Athletic’s games for wearing her distinctive socks. Rainwater’s Instagram page is littered with images of her socks. At the time of writing, Rainwater has deleted her Facebook page.

2. Rainwater Runs a Website: Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk

Jen Rainwater Instagram page

Instagram/Jen Rainwater

Rainwater runs a website, aka Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk. In the About section, Rainwater writes, “I love a lot of things in life but nothing more than Oakland A’s baseball – well everything baseball in general, really (after my family, friends and pets, of course).”

Rainwater adds that her other passion in life is socks saying, “I’ve also always been a socks collector. I’ve got major OCD so being obsessed with random things makes sense (Get Over It Already!)” In that passage, Rainwater also makes reference to having never written the word “Miner” when talking about the “Minor Leagues.” Rainwater says it never happened, “despite what you may believe.”

Later in the About section, Rainwater tells people that if they ever start a blog, to be aware of trolls. Rainwater also says that she founded the website in 2013 at the behest of her late friend, Bob Welch.

3. In October 2018, Rainwater Said She Thought it Was ‘Hella Sketch’ that the A’s Let Murray Play Football for Another Season

II Kyler Knows II Official Heisman Highlights of Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler MurrayOU Phenom, Kyler Murray. Like/subscribe and comment who you want to see next.2019-01-09T18:28:11.000Z

On October 27, Rainwater posted a photo of Kyler Murray to her Instagram page following his team’s 51-14 win over Kansas. In addition to complimenting his performance, Rainwater wrote, “I am stoked to see this kid play #baseball!” In response to a commenter, Rainwater wrote, “Hella sketch letting him play football even one more yr!”

4. Rainwater Worked on Both of President Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaigns

Jen Rainwater LinkedIn page

LinkedIn/Jen Rainwater

According to Rainwater’s LinkedIn page, she worked on both of President Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. On her SB Nation profile, Rainwater describes Barack Obama as her hero. Rainwater says that she worked in a phone bank and knocked on doors for the former president between 2006 and 2012. On that page, Rainwater writes, “I live & breathe the game of baseball. I study its daily events & have a long-time fascination with its history, esp. that of the Athletics Franchise.”

Rainwater graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies in 2005. She previously worked for the MLB as an associate site manager between January and August 2017 and has also written for Fansided. Rainwater says that she joined SB Nation as one of their Oakland A beat writers in March 2018. She has also done freelancing work for Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated.

5. Rainwater Is Engaged to Be Married

Jen rainwater picture

Instagram/Jen Rainwater

Rainwater describes herself as being engaged on her Instagram page.

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