Philip Rivers’ Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Philip Rivers and wife, Tiffany Rivers, are expecting their ninth child.

With their ninth child on the way, there is never a dull moment for Philip Rivers and wife, Tiffany Rivers. Prior to announcing Tiffany was pregnant, Philip admitted the couple was open to having more kids. Here’s an excerpt from an interview Philip did on The Dan Patrick Show (via Metro Voice).

“You got eight?” answered Patrick, to which Rivers replied: “You nailed it. Six girls and two boys.”

When asked if the NFL star was done procreating, Rivers enthusiastically said, “Heck no! I hope not.”

Patrick, skeptical that Rivers’ wife would sign on to such apparent insanity, joked, “I should talk to your wife. Does your wife know that you want to have more?”

“Oh yeah, she’s all in,” said a confident Rivers.

“Six girls?” the host asked.

“Yeah, six girls,” the Alabama native answered. “But I’ll tell you what, the three oldest are girls. Now they’re 16, 13, and 12, so we have a lotta little mamas in the house, helping out.”

“My God!” exclaimed Patrick.

Not only is Tiffany a busy mother, but she is also an entrepreneur as she launches a new swimwear company called, Hermoza. Philip expressed his appreciation for his wife as she launches a new venture.

“She is such an inspiration, not only for our kids, but to other moms and women,” Philip said in a Hermoza press release.

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1. Tiffany Is Launching a Swimwear Line the Same Month the Couple is Expecting Their 9th Child

The Rivers family is about to get a little bit bigger as the couple is expecting their ninth child in March. Tiffany is also launching a new swimwear company with one of her friends in the same month. Here’s an overview of the inspiration for the clothing line.

Like many women, Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers wanted to find stylish swimwear that made them feel beautiful without showing too much skin. At the time, it was difficult to find, fashionable options were often too revealing and expensive, while more conservative brands were often too young, frumpy, dated, or dull. Marisa and Tiffany wanted an alternative…

They focused on creating classic, timeless silhouettes with high-quality materials designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. The result is a line of swimwear that is feminine, functional, chic, and well-crafted.

Marisa and Tiffany believe stunning, perfectly fitting swimsuits can give women the confidence to radiate on the outside who they are on the inside.

Tiffany elaborated on balancing a newborn with their new project in a press release.

“One of the things I have learned, both from my husband’s career in the NFL and having a large family, is the value of teamwork,” Tiffany noted. “Mimi and I divide and conquer. We knew we had a big idea. When we identified the gap in the swimwear market and we had to go for it. If my six daughters, and other women and girls, can go swimsuit shopping and find more refined options that they feel comfortable wearing, we’ve made a difference for generations of women to come.”

2. Tiffany Calls Philip the “Most Selfless Person I Know” When It Comes to Helping Raise Their 8 Children

Being an NFL quarterback is a huge time commitment, but Philip is never too busy for his family. Tiffany noted that parenting is a team job and the two share the responsibilities. Tiffany elaborated on Philip’s selflessness in an interview with

“What it boils down to is he’s the most selfless person I know. He still surprises me. Obviously, wives know their husbands best, but he’s just really selfless. He comes home and when he’s home, he’s home. That’s it. He’ll look at film or whatever he needs to, but he’s very intuitive, too. He knows kind of who needs what at what time. I guess one thing that we love to do is just talk to our kids a lot so we kind of know where they’re at and what’s going on in all their lives. (It’s) a really constant thing that he’s really good at keeping up with, and not just keeping up with it but he seems to really enjoy it and I’ve really learned from him in that aspect. I think that was definitely a trait in his family where they spent time together not because they had to, (but) because they really wanted to. They’re a really close family so that’s definitely how we are, too.

3. Tiffany Is From Alaska But Was Raised in Alabama

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Tiffany is originally from Alaska but spent the majority of her childhood in Alabama just like her husband. Philip and Tiffany are middle school sweethearts. Tiffany provides an overview of her story on her company’s website.

Born in Alaska and raised in Alabama, Tiffany’s commitment to her faith and to raising her children have empowered her to live a life of substance and grace. Her dedication to serving others inspired her to secure resources for underserved children through her non-profit foundation, Rivers of Hope.

4. Philip Was Raised Catholic & the Couple’s Faith Serves as the Backbone of Their Family

Philip has been outspoken about his faith and it is something he learned at a young age from his mother, Joan. Philip’s father, Steve, noted that the way his son approaches football and fatherhood is a combination of his parents.

“He is a combination of things,” Steve explained to “That is his mom, she is a devout Catholic and she is a wonderful person and mother and lady. Then as a coaching staff, we never did (curse) around the boys, we just didn’t have to do it…We are certainly proud of him as a football player and athlete obviously, but his mom and I are more proud of the fact that he is a good human being; he is a great dad and an awesome husband. He loves the church, we have been very blessed, that is for sure and he has been very blessed and our whole family has been very blessed.”

5. Philip’s Parents Briefly Moved to San Diego, California Before Moving Back to Decatur, Alabama

After Philip was drafted by the Chargers, Philip’s parents, Steve and Joan Rivers, planned on moving to San Diego to be closer to their son. According to the Los Angeles Times, the plan lasted about six weeks before the couple decided to move back to their small town of Decatur, Alabama.

“We ended up staying about six weeks, but Joan and I finally said, ‘We’ve got to go back home,’” Steve explained to the Los Angeles Times. “I couldn’t believe the traffic. I mean, it’s beautiful, wonderful, awesome, nothing bad to say. It’s just different for a small-town guy. When I say traffic, I mean all lanes. I couldn’t get over it. At 10 o’clock at night there was traffic. At 10 o’clock at night in Decatur, Alabama, people are watching the nightly news and getting ready for bed.”

Like Philip, Steve played college football at Mississippi State where he was a defensive back and quarterback before sustaining a serious knee injury.

“I was maybe an above-average athlete, but I had no business being in the SEC,” Steve explained to the Los Angeles Times. “But Mississippi State was really low. I was doing well the spring of my sophomore year, and I tore my knee up. Back then, 1968, ’69, rehab was they put a hard cast on you from the top of your leg to your toes for six weeks.”

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