Sean McVay’s Girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn’s Age Remains a Hot Topic

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My Mcbae ?

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Welcome to the wild west of NFL speculation, which comes in the form of Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay and his girlfriend Veronika Khomyn. While McVay and Khomyn are confirmed as dating, and she’s been seen at various games and spotted in public with the coach, there’s one thing that remains a mystery. The topic of Khomyn’s age seems to be unsettled.

This stems from the fact that McVay is currently the youngest NFL head coach, and it’s not particularly close. The Rams coach has seven years on the next-closest coach and in turn, it’s led to questions about the age of his girlfriend out of general curiosity.

McVay and Khomyn began dating when he was the tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins, according to TMZ, so likely sometime between 2011-13. Let’s take the deep dive into the rumor mill surrounding McVay’s girlfriend and evaluate what the consensus seems to be on her age.

Popular Belief Is That Veronika Khomyn’s Age Is 28

In the same story from TMZ above, the site states that Khomyn is 28 years old and from Ukraine. But many articles and reporters who have broken down the relationship between the Rams coach and his girlfriend have opted to pull back on the age subject.

A few sites who even specifically focus on the wives and girlfriends of athletes or coaches haven’t mentioned the information for the time being, largely because it could be a guess. Player Wives had a great breakdown of McVay and Khomyn’s relationship but also didn’t cite her age in the story. The same can be said for Fab Wags, who detailed the fact that she went to George Mason University and touched on her jobs as a model, working with a UFC gym and time with DC Clubbing.

The belief that she’s 28 years old obviously isn’t pulled out of thin air, but there’s simply nothing shown on her Facebook page or Instagram about her specific age.

Birthdate of McVay & Khomyn’s Dog Is More Public

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A post shared by Kali (@fawnbabykali) on Aug 30, 2018 at 1:46pm PDT

It’s not completely common knowledge, but Khomyn has an Instagram account for their dog, Fawn. In turn, as Player Wives reveals that Veronika says her pup was born on June 2, 2017. I guess it’s understandable to make that info a bit more public than your own, especially considering everyone loves dogs (or should).

The Instagram account has 241 followers and the above photo from August 30 is the most recent she’s posted. While Khomyn and McVay have their own furbaby who’s approaching two years old, we’ll have to wait to get confirmation on her age.

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