Brian Hoyer Salary: How Much Does the Backup Pats QB Earn?

Brian Hoyer salary


Brian Hoyer’s salary for 2018 was $915,000. Hoyer signed a $4.14 million deal with the New England Patriots in 2017, with a bonus of $600,000. That deal entailed a $476,000 salary in 2017, a $915,000 salary in 2018, and a base salary of $2.85 million in 2019.

Hoyer’s base salary in 2019 includes $1.5 million guaranteed and a $200,000 roster bonus, per ESPN. 

Hoyer was released by the 49ers in 2017 after they acquired Jimmy Garoppolo. In return, the Patiots received Hoyer and a 2018 second-round draft choice.

33-year-old Hoyer had a record of 16-21 at the time of his contract signing with the Patriots, and had started 37 career games. Of Hoyer, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said to ESPN in 2017, “Brian’s a smart guy. He’s got some years in our system and our terminology, so it will be kind of a cram session here; but I don’t expect that to take forever, because Brian’s an intelligent guy that had plenty of exposure to what we do. I know he’ll work hard.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Hoyer Has Career Earnings of $21 Million Over His 10 Years of Play

Per HeroSports, Hoyer has earned $21.17 million in career earnings over the ten seasons of his career. He ranks 41st on the Patriots active roster in terms of salary size for 2018, and his cap hit for 2019 ($2.85 million) ranks him at 475th overall in the NFL, the publication reports, which includes any and all roster and signing bonuses.

Hoyer’s salary is a fraction of Tom Brady’s, who is the highest paid Patriots player with a cap hit in 2018 of $22 million. Though Brady’s contract is large, he has taken many pay cuts over the course of his career in order to help the Patriots to sign other players.

Hoyer is married to Lauren Hoyer, his wife since 2010. Lauren and Brian met in high school, when the pair were dragging along on a double date, per The Houston Chronicle. During the off season, Hoyer and his wife still life in the off-season. To the publication, Hoyer paid tribute to his wife, saying, “She’s been along the whole way and really has been the one constant.”

The Hoyers have two children together: a son, Garrett, and a daughter, Cameron.

Though Brady and Hoyer are technically competing for the same spot, Hoyer has said in the past that he “looks up to” Brady. On the Patriots site, Hoyer said to reporters,

“It’s inspiring for me to be around[him]…because you see a guy who has accomplished so much but still has the drive and passion to come out here and…I joke to him the other day, I said, ‘How many 41-year-olds are running up a hill in full pads right now in the entire world?’ So for me to see someone that I look up to as a mentor and a role model, and to see him still doing it…it’s fun, for me, I like to be competitive with him, and we have fun with that.”

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